My Make-up Must Haves

Now more than ever I’m wearing less and less make-up daily because who the hell is going to see me? No one. And a blurry webcam for a teams call can hide a multitude of sins. I’m still testing bits and doing full faces at the weekend just for fun but in the week I’m only using the bare minimum and I’ve found the products that I truly couldn’t be without.

Clinique, Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
A classic. I first started using this moisturiser probably about 4 years ago and now I can’t use anything else. In the winter when I need a little extra, this teams up perfectly with any oils and serums I’ve tried. Even with my dry as the desert skin, this soaks in perfectly and quickly and makes me feel refreshed in the morning because it’s such a light texture.

No!No!, 4 in 1 Perfection Trimmer
I’ve written a post on this before, but if you didn’t know I shave my face and I flipping love it. Peach fuzz? We don’t know her. My make-up and skin care applies so much smoother when my fuzz is gone and let me tell you anyone who ever said you’d grow a beard was wrong and stupid. This little trimmer is also perfect when I’m too lazy to pluck my brows or lip.

IT Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer
I don’t know about anyone else, but my dark circles are getting worse the longer this pandemic is dragging on for. I’ve had this concealer so long the writing on the tube has worn off and they’ve now got new product packaging. You need the tiniest bit of this thick formula, it’ll last forever. It’s truly one of the only concealers I’ve found that actually covers my under eyes (apart from the revolution dupe I found).

Revolution Pro, Sculpting Bronzer
Out of all the powder face products I use, bronzer is the one I couldn’t be without. I put bronzer all over my face because I love being a bronzed little queen even in January. This bronzer is a lot less pigmented than other Revolution bronzers so you can build up the pigment a lot easier and it blends amazingly. This is one of the best bronzers I’ve found, high-street or high-end.

L’Oréal, Paris Paradise Mascara
Again, I’ve had this so long they’ve changed the packaging and even the name of this mascara. I like a clumpy lash and this gives me that length and volume. It also holds in place all day so I don’t end up looking like a panda a few hours later, which I’ve seen from a lot of high-end mascaras. I’ve just ordered the Sky High mascara so I’ll see if it over-takes the Paris Paradise as my favourite.

NYX, Epic Ink Liner
Super black, stays in place, affordable and a smooth application. I can’t say a bad word about this liner apart from when you have it a bit too long it can clump at the tip, but that’s because I never stick to the recommend use by’s.

W7, Stroke of Genius Eyebrow Pencil
There’s absolutely no need for a brow pencil to be more than £5 because this works just as good as any. The colour is pigmented and can be easily brushed through and the tip is so small you can make hair like strokes with no effort. I have 3 of these on hand just in case because I can’t be without.

If you have any die-hard products you couldn’t be without let me know because I love knowing other people’s.
Stay safe.
-Lauren x

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