January’s Latest In Beauty’s “Beauty Saviours” Edit

Latest In Beauty is the only beauty box I subscribe to now because it’s the only one where I feel I get value for money. By choosing what I get in the box, I know they’re items I either just really want to try or that I already like. This month’s box was the “beauty saviours” edit and included products with “nourishing formulas and active ingredients for head to toe revitalisation”.

Inika, Certified Organic Lip Serum (RRP £21)
Lip oils are a lot smoother and less sticky than glosses and I feel they give a much more natural and healthy shine to the lips. This oil serum smells like oranges, which again I love and is great for a lip product that goes right under your nose. It’s not extremely long lasting, but what oil or gloss is? It gives the moisture you need especially in the winter and I like it, however I’m too cheap to pay £21 for a lip oil, no matter how great it smells,

Beauty BLVD, Divine Hydra-Gel Eye Masks (RRP £7.50 for 2)
Never have I struggled so much to get an eye patch out of it’s packaging, It’s like they used super glue. The patches are very slippery (when you can eventually get them out) but they stay in place surprising well. My skin’s just about recovered from an eczema flare-up but my under eyes are still extremely dry and these didn’t really touch it. When my skin’s better in the summer they might perform better but right now, there was nothing hydrating about them.

Ole Henriksen, Truth Juice Daily Cleanser (RRP £10 for 60ml)
Like I said before, my skin’s just recovered from an eczema flare up so I’m still weary of what I’m putting all over my face. I should have looked at the ingredients before using this but I’m an idiot and didn’t. I was surprised at how non-irritated it made my skin actually and my face felt super clean after. The cleanser smells incredible, any citrus smells I love and this smells very strongly of oranges. The bottle is teeny tiny so I’ll only get another use out of it, which after reading the ingredients is probably a good thing. There are a lot citrus fruit oils and extracts in this and I know if I used this on a daily basis it’d irritate the crap out of my skin. But if you don’t have sensitive skin, this cleansers really good.

Oh K! Chok Chok Illuminating Serum (RRP £15)
This serum has Glycerine, Glycol and Hyaluronic in so it should be hydrating as hell but it really wasn’t. I’ve only used it a couple of times so I’m hoping the more I use it the better it will get. When my skins not in a flare-up I can use acids with very few issues and I’m going to try and use this to see if it has a better effect.

Yardley London, The Contemporary Florals Collection
I love little perfume samples sizes when I’m going away so I don’t get stressed about them smashing in my case. There’s a mixture of subtle and more strong scents and I really enjoy floral and sweet smells. These will be coming with me when I can eventually go away again.

Sleep Smug, Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask – Wink Print, Blue (RRP £12)
If I’m honest, I’ve absolutely no idea why I chose this item. I think I chose it because I don’t have a sleep mask, but that’s because I’ve never needed one before. I’ve only just started to sleep in complete darkness and I was more surprised than anyone when I realised this mask really helped me sleep. It’s contoured so that the mask doesn’t press against your eyes, making it much more comfortable to wear and sleep in. This is a surprising staple now for me.

It’s a little bit of a mixed bag this month but the majority of products I liked. Would I repurchase any though? Apart from the sleep mask, no. I’m looking forward to next months box hopefully having a couple more make-up products in as that’s where my love really lies.

If you got a LIB box this month what did you think to it?
Stay safe,
Lauren x

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