Nikki Tutorials x Beauty Bay

Nikkie Tutorials is an influencer you can support without the worry of them turning out to be an arsehole in a few years, which is a big compliment these days. I missed out on the first launch of her Beauty Bay palette because I wanted to see reviews first and after watching about 100 positive reviews I spent my money.

The palettes packaging is really pretty and unique but it’s also easy to store. I’m done with weird palettes in stupid shapes that I can’t put away easily. I like the mirrors Nikki added and one being magnified is something different that I haven’t seen much before.

I knew I liked Beauty Bay’s formula because their collab with mmmitchel is one of my favourite palettes and I take it with me almost everywhere. The formula in this Nikki palette is very similar with the mattes being very pigmented and easy to blend while the shimmers are stunning and reflective. I have a small issue with “Mama tutorials” and “Pride” being a little more chunky than the other shimmers, but they just need a stickier base or a glitter glue and they’re fine.

The shades in the palette mean you can create a neutral look with a pop of colour or go full brights and I love that. The pinks are my favourites with zomer being a stunning peachy transition on me and it goes perfectly with “Aura” and “Roxy Catan” which is the look I’ve used the most so far.

£25 for 20 big pan shades is great value. Because the pans are so big too they can be used for contour, blush and bronzer making the palette even more versatile. I love this palette, I love Nikkie, and I can’t wait to try more looks. I would LOVE if they extended the collection to maybe some cheek or lip products that I absolutely don’t need but would 100% buy.

If you got this Nikki Tutorials palette let me know your thoughts!

Stay safe.
Lauren x

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