My final GlossyBox – should you unsubscribe?

I’ve finally cancelled my GlossyBox subscription and I feel a little bit free as it had been a long time coming. I cancelled after getting my August box but because that was after the 14th it meant I would still be changed and sent the next box. They had an opportunity to win me back with this one but it just made me more relieved I cut the cord.

Wishful – Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub 20ml (£9)
I’ve heard people bang on about this product because it’s Huda’s other brand but I’m not sure if anyone would talk about it if it wasn’t. The product has pineapple and papaya enzymes so I thought it would at least smell delicious, it doesn’t. The scrub just smells like chemicals and like most other scrubs. This product is marketed for “all skin types” so it should have been fine for my sensitive and eczema prone skin. I used the scrub as directed (with help from Google as there were no instructions on the packaging) and at the time my skin felt smooth and cleansed. When I woke up I had a breakout all across my left-hand cheek and the only item I had used differently was this scrub, I couldn’t even put it down to wearing masks.

Avant – Supreme Hyaluronic Acid Anti-oxidising DUO Moisturiser 50ml (full size – RRP £100)
I quite like Avant products, none of them have been bad so far, but every time they’re in a GlossyBox it means that every other item is a mini and lower in value. My skin’s very picky with hyluronic products and with it being so irritated from the Wishful scrub I haven’t been able to yet fully try this product. I’ve tested it on a little area of my face and so far there isn’t any irritation so hopefully we won’t have repeat breakouts, however no moisturiser is worth £100. Save your money.

Imperial Leather – Foam Burst in Lychee & Lotus Flower 75ml (£1.18)
I don’t use a lot of overly fragranced shower gels, I like to keep it simple with products that I know won’t irritate my skin. After my Wishful breakout I wasn’t risking any more irritation but I have tried this product previously in different scents and it is a nice product. A little goes a long way so even the mini is a good size. The family member or friend who I give this to will have a nice product to use.

MineTan – Exfoliating Coffee Scrub 30g (£1.50)
Oh great a coffee scrub, something else that will irritate the shit out of my skin. I only use coffee scrubs if I have really stubborn fake tan that refuses to budge. I mean it’s got to be stuck on there for weeks being I resort to using a coffee scrub. They’re so harsh on the skin and there’s nothing hydrating about them (as this product claims to be). I’m not testing this product because I’d rather not aggravate my eczema today thank you.

Generation Skin – Brightening Kakadu Plum Eye Patches (one set – £1.66)
Finally something I can use!!! I use under-eye patches regularly, I love them, they make me feel so much more awake and they’re great when you’re a little hungover for a little pick-me-up. These patches were full of serum which did make me feel awake and refreshed my under-eyes. They slipped down my face a little but with a little re-adjustment they were fine.

I wanted my first post back after a while to be a positive I swear but just nothing in this box made me feel like it was value for money. They advertise this box as being worth “over £113” but they don’t tell you that £100 of that is from one product, so the rest are around £13. I’d rather items values be split more evenly so that there are better items (and more full sizes). This box was one of the biggest disappointments and I’m glad I’ve unsubscribed. I promise my next post wont be as grumpy.

If you get GlossyBox what did you think to Septembers box?

-Lauren x

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