The drugstore dupe for Bye-Bye Under Eye

Makeup revolution is known for it’s dupes, with their chocolate palettes (dupes for Too Faced chocolate bars) being their first and they were what made Revolution such a well-known brand. I’m not as much of a fan of Revolution as I used to be, just because I don’t like how closely they’re still copying other products including their packaging. However sometimes they come out with great products that aren’t set to mimic other products. They’re just good on their own without copying others. These are the products that I still love from Revolutions and their Conceal & Fix Ultimate Coverage Concealer is a prime example.

Revolution have come out with multiple concealers and are becoming well known for them. Their original Conceal & Define range is known for being one of the most full-coverage and best concealers on the high street and can easily compete with high end products while maintaining a fantastic price point. They’ve extended this range more and more with each product getting it’s 5 minutes of fame. However, this little pot of coverage seemed to go completely unnoticed by everybody. There were no big campaigns, sponsored content or PR for their Conceal & Fix Ultimate Coverage Concealer and I had no idea it existed until I was scrolling through Beauty Bay and found it like a little piece of treasure I didn’t even know I was looking for.

When I tried this concealer I knew instantly what it reminded me of – IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. They both have the same thick consistency and there’s very little difference between coverage. You need very little of either product to give you ultimate coverage with both items are cruelty free. I have both in a lighter colour (Bye Bye in Light Medium and Conceal & Fix in Light Sand) to brighten up the under-eye area, however if you needed to conceal any blemishes both would do the trick effortlessly. The packaging if very different between the two with Bye Bye Under Eye coming in a black squeezy tube 9althought they do the same product in black pots too) and the Conceal & Fix coming in a pretty little frosted pot with a rose gold lid. I’m happy Revolution haven’t copied them here as that’s the main issue I have with the company.

There is however one big difference between these concealers; where Revolution’s Conceal & Fix is just £7, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is £25. That looks like a massive difference I know, until you look at how much you get in each. Conceal & Fix has 4ml of product, whereas Bye Bye Under Eye gives you 12ml of concealer. So actually, there’s a few pounds difference between them when we look at it that way. I’ve had both for months now and used them constantly, but neause you need so little I’ve barely made a dint.

So admittedly, I haven’t exactly found a “dupe” as such, because for 12ml of Conceal & Fix would cost you £21. However, £7 for a tub that’ll last you ages definitely doesn’t hurt your bank balance as much as £25. For me, I’ll carry on using both of them and I’ll probably re-purchase both when they eventually (if ever) run out. They’re just both amazing concealers and I’d recommend both to anyone whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin.
If you’ve given either of these a go, let me know!

-Lauren x

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