Gym-proof make-up, do we really need it?

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. In the past few months I’ve started to go to the gym more and more and go about 4-6 times a week now (shocking I know) and one thing I see advertised all the damn time is “gym-proof” makeup. The concept to me seems a little bazar because to me, you go to the gym to work hard and get fitter not to show off a banging highlight. The brand I see doing this most is SportFX, you know the brand everyone when nutty for a couple of years ago because they sponsored a tonne of people to talk about their sponges? Well even though no one’s really spoken about them since, they’re still putting out products designed for gym goers and since I’m now apparently one of those people, I wanted to test out some of their products:

Cool-Down Primer + Recover Gel £8.99
Unlike some, I really enjoy a primer and this one claims to ensure “a smooth, sweat resistant flawless coverage which holds your makeup firmly in place and eliminates post-workout redness”. At first, I was a little hesitant about this primer because when I first applied it after a few seconds my skin began to tingle. Similar to when you have a plumping minty lipbalm that’s supposed to plump up your lips, this felt just the same but all over my face. After a few minutes it died down (thank god) and the second time I used it I didn’t get any weird tingling so I’d suggest only using one pump of this. The formula doesn’t seem to have any scent which is what I like as I hate fragrance in facial products. After a few wear tests I can actually say that my makeup stayed unbelievably in place despite being covered in sweat (that’s what you’re actually supposed to do at the gym), and I didn’t resemble a cherry tomato at the end. Besides the tingling when you first apply it, this primer is actually pretty decent.

Detangling Hair Brush £4.99 and Hair Bands £3.99
There’s not really a great deal to say about a hair brush and hair bands but I’ll give it a go. The brush has similar bristles to Tangle Teezers so it’s great for brushing out nots or combing through wet hair. I liked that the hair bands are clear and felt pretty sturdy holding up my thick main of hair. Like I said you can’t go terribly wrong with a brush and hair bands and I’m happy I have these around.

Game Changing Mascara £9.99
Let’s just get this out the way, I flipping love this mascara. Yes, it gives good length and a nice bit of volume to my lashes, but the longevity is ridiculous. I accidentally wiped my eyes at the gym (because sweat was falling into them – lovely) forgetting I was wearing mascara. I thought I’d look in the mirror and resemble a panda, but the mascara hadn’t moved an inch! It’s double sided and comes with its own remover; this helps melt away the mascara and without using this it’s quite tough to get off. By far the most long-wearing mascara I’ve ever tried.

Body Build Dry Shampoo £2.99
Going to the gym multiple times a week makes it so hard to know when to wash your hair because it’s just going to get dirty the next day. This was why I was so excited to try their dry shampoo because I was expecting it to be industrial strength and I also hate washing my hair. On the third day after washing my hair it normally needs a pick-me-up, but this dry shampoo just made me look grey. I had to go over with my normal brand because it just didn’t do anything. This was by far the most disappointing product I tried and I would not recommend.

Power Lift Eyelash Curler £4.99
The main difference between these curlers and my regular, bog-standard eye lash curlers are the handles. They’re more ergonomic than normal so you can get an easier grip. However, as much as I like these the top part where you put your lashes is just a bit too big. I felt myself stabbing my eye socket most of the time because either my eyes are too small, or these curlers are too big. But after a little time of testing how to hold them they’re pretty great and keep my lashes curled.

HIIT Highlighter £17.99
Highlighter for the gym doesn’t make a tonne of sense to me – if your skin isn’t shiny enough at the gym you’re not working hard enough. But, the three shades of this trio are all stunning and usable for me, however I do think they should have at least one more option with deeper tones. The champagne tone is my favourite and although the concept is a little strange, the highlight just stuck to my face and was still there after a Les Mills Combat class. The formula isn’t as smooth as some of my other highlighters, but I think that’s what makes it stick to the skin better. Either way, my skin was glowy as hell and I liked it.

Although I still don’t like the concept of “gym-proof” makeup or makeup specifically designed to wear at the gym, I’ve got to say I actually liked most of these products. I definitely won’t be applying makeup to go to the gym, however most days I’m going straight after work and I’m too damn lazy to take it off. For the days when I need my make-up to last through the day and through the gym, this stuff I pretty damn good even if I am still devastated by the dry shampoo.

So, if you’ve made it this far, congratulations this was a long ass post. If you head over to my Instagram there’s the chance to win some of these goodies in a nice little giveaway! All the details are on the post!

-Lauren x

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