My 2020 Goals.

Hi, I’m still here. 2019 seems to have just disappeared in an instant with no one knowing where the time went. It doesn’t feel like I was writing this same post a whole year ago but here we are. I like writing down and putting my goals out there into the universe because I think you strive to reach them more (even if I didn’t reach all of last years). This time I’m only giving myself few goals for the new year in the hope that I’ll stick to them:

1 – Read more
I know I put this on my list last year, so obviously I haven’t stuck to it. I’ve read quite a few books this year and thought after every single one “wow I can’t wait to read the next one” and then I’ve waited 2-3 months before even picking up another book. I’ve currently got two sitting dormant on my bed-side table screaming to be read. So, at least in the new year those two will be read (mainly because they’re library books and need to go back soon).

2 – Resurrect my blog
2019 wasn’t a great year for my blog as frankly I’m awful at time management and thought I couldn’t possibly have time to write posts with a full-time job, yet found plenty of time to binge-watch Netflix. This year I’m feeling a lot more motivated and have a list of ideas for posts already. I’ll still be doing product reviews and testing things out, but I want to write more lifestyle posts this next year and write the content I’d want to read.

3 – Eat less meat
I’ve already reduced the amount of meat I’m eating but I want to try to reduce this even more. I tried to be a full vegetarian in 2019, however this lasted 3 weeks after I completely forgot about it and ate a bacon sandwich. I don’t think I’ll become a full vegetarian, I don’t have the will power, but by going vegetarian just 2-3 days a week there are a tonne of health and environmental benefits. I think we all know by now that eating meat is a huge strain on our burning planet, so if we could give it a helping hand by not eating chicken for a day, why wouldn’t we? If you fancy a read on how going veggie can help the environment, I found this article really helpful:

Hopefully this time next year I won’t be re-writing the same goals (we can but hope). If you’ve set yourself any goals for the new year let me know, I love reading them! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully and thank you for sticking with this blog even when I didn’t.

-Lauren x

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