My New Favourite Way To Get Bronzed

Although I’m blessed to have naturally olive skin, I still feel the need for a good fake-tan. I know some may say that a natural tan is always better, but I’d rather not literally cook my skin for a golden finish. I’ve been on the look-out for a light-weight formula that still packs a punch without irritating my annoyingly sensitive skin. I’d heard a tonne about tanning water when I found this one by Tanologist while innocently browsing round Superdrug one day. I went for the dark option because I’d like it to at least show up.

I found that the application was ridiculously easy; you apply straight onto dry skin, blend a little with a tanning mitt and then wait 1-4 hours before washing it off (depending on how dark you want to be). On my first attempt I left it around three hours and found that the colour was natural, bronzed and I didn’t have a streak in sight!

The second time I used it, I got a little lazy. I’d applied it at about 8 at night, then realised that meant washing it off about midnight which I definitely wasn’t going to as I fall asleep at about 9 (I am an old lady, I accept this). So, I reasoned with myself that just washing it off in the morning would surely be okay and prayed I didn’t wake-up looking like a wotsit. There was (thankfully) no wotsit in sight, even although my hands were a little orange from not washing it off. It was a little darker than my previous attempt with it, but it didn’t look like too much, didn’t transfer and lasted a good week or two without re-applying.

This formula is by far the best tan I’ve tried in a while. It’s light-weight, doesn’t streak, gives a lovely even tan and doesn’t affect my eczema. What a result! I’ve used it a fair few times now and there’s still not much gone from the bottle, so for £13.99 it’s an absolute bargain. I haven’t tried many other products from Tanologist but this definitely made a good enough impression for me to use some others.

If you want to try this tan you can get it here!


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