Is This Revolution Box Better Than Last Year’s?

If you were here from right at the beginning of this blog, you may have read my review on Revolution’s 2017 12 Days of Christmas Box. Well, of course they came out with one for 2018 and of course I went and bought it. I got my hands on it just after Christmas and you guys said you still wanted a review on it even though we’re in 2019, so lets go through it…

Illuminating Fixing Spray and Cooling Fixing Spray

In last year’s box there was a fixing spray and a priming spray but in this year we’ve been blessed with two fixing sprays. I love a fixing spray, they take all the powder and harshness down and (hopefully) make your make-up last all day. The illuminating fixing spray is becoming one of my favourites because it sets the skin so nicely. The spray at first was a little aggressive but it’s calmed down after a couple of uses into a nice fine mist. The cooling spray I thought definitely has a cooling effect that was noticeable, but the scent is a little chemically. I don’t mind products having a little chemically scent because it disappears almost instantly. Love these.

Illuminating Eye Primer

I’m pretty sure we got one of these in last year’s box too but I’m not mad as I use eye primer almost every day so it’s handy to have another. This formula has a little shimmer in it which I think really does make the eyes look more illuminous and awake, while making shadow more pigmented and last longer.

Lip Gloss Trio

There was a lip gloss trio last year, but these colours are so much more gorgeous. The formula is the stickiness that I’d expect from a gloss while being comfortable and highly pigmented. The metallic is beautiful and is a stunning lip-topper.

Metallic Crush Pigment, Ultimate Neutrals Pigment Palette and Velvet Mattes Pigment Palette.

Would it be a Revolution box without a tonne of palettes? These palettes are such a massive improvement on last years, they really thought more about the colour combinations this time. The metallic palette is stupidly pigmented, I was so impressed and shocked at how well they worked with some stunning tonnes in there. The velvet mattes are just that; velvety smooth shadows that blend really easily. ‘Terracotta’ is one of my new favourite warm browns and I can’t stop wearing it. The ultimate neutrals are just what I need day in, day out with the berry tonnes and soft peaches. They’re all just really good colour combinations and good formulas.

Blush and Highlight Palette and Ultra Contour Palette

These were definitely in last year’s box, but I feel they’ve had a little face-lift. The pink and peach blushes are pigmented and blend lovely on the skin, although there is a little kick-back in the pan, but no big deal. The other palette’s contour shades are nice and once again blend out great, giving me those cheekbones I wish I had. The highlights in both of these are stunning and even buildable if you feel like you want to blind someone.

Travel Brush Set, Mattifying Primer and Brow Palette

Again, there was a travel brush set and brow palette in last year’s, but I remember the formula of the brow palette not being as good as this one. I was pleasantly surprised at how good my eyebrows actually looked using this palette. I also have used the travel brushes quite a bit as they’re so handy to have in your handbag, so it’s useful to get some new ones. The mattifying primer I’ve loved using as it’s a silicone texture, meaning it minimises my pores while holding back any facial oils.

All in all, this box has been a fantastic purchase and I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m so impressed with how much of an improvement this is compared to last years (which I thought was pretty good to start with) and can’t wait to see what’s in their 2019 12 Days box. I managed to get this for an absolute steal at just £15 in Revolution’s sale. For more Revolution makeup go to

If you’ve tried this box out what did you think to it? Let me know, I love hearing your thoughts!


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