The Best GlossyBox of The Year

It’s a new year and a new month which means a new Glossybox. In this month’s box they’ve packed it with everything we (apparently) need to stick to our beauty revolutions; “From hydrating hair treatment, to a luxurious moisturiser and discovering new beauty tools”.

Avant Skincare, Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream (RRP £98) Full-Size

Let’s start off with what can easily be called the star of the box; the night cream. I admittedly really didn’t want to like this product because when I run out, there’s not a chance I’m going to pay £98 for it (who would?!) but, as much as I hate to say it, I really like this product. It’s moisturising without feeling heavy on the skin and my skin feels bloody lovely. The morning after I first used it, I wanted my skin to look and feel re-born for such a high price tag but of course it didn’t. However, having used it for about a week or so repeatedly my skin is looking super healthy and I’ve had minimal break-outs even through a very stressy time.

Batiste, Rethink Dry Shampoo (RRP 50ml Deluxe Mini=£1.50, 200ml Full-Size=£4.25) Deluxe Mini

The dry shampoo that we all know and love, I haven’t found a single dry shampoo that does the job better. I didn’t even know they did a hydrating one but I’m definitely converted. Sometimes I can find the original to be a little on the drying side which this one takes completely away, leaving my hair looking clean and silky smooth.

Hask, Repairing Deep Conditioning Treatment (RRP £2.49 for One Mask) Full-Size

Will this finally be the hair mask where I can see a difference!? YES! But not a great one. The formula is super heavy and thick so trying to spread it through your hair is quite hard and then it ends up just accumulating into one spot and doesn’t budge very well. Because of this my hair ended up looking more on the greasy side instead of smooth and healthy which definitely isn’t a look. I’d say less is more with this product and not putting so much on gives a much better result. The smell is VERY strong and a little too musky for me, so I couldn’t quite last the recommended time to leave it in because my nose was almost crying.

Maybelline, Dream Blender Foundation Sponge (RRP £4.99) Full-Size

A sponge on a stick, basically that’s what this is, and I was dubious about it when I first saw it because well, my normal sponge without a stick does a pretty good job. The sponge itself is quite a hard texture and I certainly wouldn’t blend my whole face with this (I’d be there for three years) but, the smaller size means it can get right into the nooks and crannies of my face. Mainly with my inner corners and under my eyes it was pretty useful for getting rid of creasing before powdering.  

-417, Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel (RRP 100ml Deluxe Mini=£13.31, Full-Size=£22.71) Deluxe Mini

I thought this was a full-sized product at first because the tube is huge, what a good sized mini! I really enjoy this product because of how squeaky clean my skin feels when I’ve used it. It has tiny little beads (unsure what they actually are) throughout but they’re so gentle on the skin it’s not a harsh exfoliant and can be used daily. My skin has loved using this and with such a great mini size I won’t be running out any time soon.

So, there’s the first Glossybox of the year and I’d say it was a pretty good one. I’ve enjoyed using these products and pretty much all of them (except the hair mask) I’ll continue to use through the year. January’s box is unfortunately already sold out (a little bad as it’s only half way through the month) so get in now to make sure to get February’s! Next month of course includes valentine’s day so I can’t wait to see what they bring for that!

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