What I Bought MYSELF for Christmas

I know Christmas was almost a month ago now but this year’s turning out to be a busy one and were only 15 days in! It may have been a few weeks ago but I still wanted to share a few of the things I bought MYSELF for Christmas this (last?) year. Some might say that it’s bad to get yourself presents for Christmas, but I say why not? I know exactly what I want!

Some new pretty make-up brushes

I’ve been needing to get myself some new brushes for ages and this Spectrum set from Boots was too pretty to say no to! Including 9 brushes, a sponge, marble case and soap bar it was an absolute bargain at just £35! The brushes are a gorgeous white and gold mix and have super-soft bristles. Unfortunately, this set isn’t available anymore but if you manage to find one I’d definitely recommend snapping it up!

A Nice Bit of Skincare

I love Clinique (and Boots, apparently) so I treated myself to some more for Christmas, because why the hell not? This particular set included their eye cream, their Moisture Surge moisturiser, eye make-up cleanser, mascara, lipstick and a compact mirror. It was so good I even got one for my mum. It’s just enough to get my skin primed and ready to take on 2019.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall (or stand).

For too damn long have I wanted a light-up mirror and never got around to buying one! So why not let Christmas be the perfect excuse? I got the No7 Silver Illuminated Makeup Mirror and I flipping love it! No more do I have to get ready at 6am with the WORST lighting known to man, never knowing if my contour matches on both cheeks. It retails for £49.99 but I got it for just £15 in the sale, so I’d definitely wait if you’re wanting one.

Spring Cleaning Already?

Something I’d been looking at over and over again but never purchased was the StylPro Original Make Up Brush Cleaner and Dryer, so I decided to splurge and just bloody buy it already. I don’t think I can put into words how amazing this is; I used to sometimes wait a couple of days for my densest brush to dry but this little beauty has it dry in seconds! All I do is pop some brush cleanser (or just soap) in the bottom, attach my brush, let it twirl around a little in the liquid, lift and bam! Completely clean and dry brushes! Honestly, l I don’t think my brushes have ever been so clean because it’s so easy to do now!

So there’s a few of the things I bought myself for Christmas 2018! I couldn’t have been happier with what I bought and mixed with my other presents, food, family and friends, I had a wonderful Christmas.

Did you buy yourself anything for Christmas? Or are you splurging in the sales? Let me know, I love hearing about it!


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