My 2019 Resolutions

I know a lot of people think making resolutions is pointless, and admittedly I haven’t always stuck to them, but I like having something to strive towards through the year. I don’t make a list of impossible-to-achieve things, because then I’d definitely forget about them in a couple of weeks. This year I just have four resolutions which I think are definitely obtainable.

Loose Some Damn Weight (Get Healthier)

Okay I know this is probably on 99.9% of people’s resolutions but why shouldn’t it? If people want to get healthier let’s support them! For myself, I’ve been on and off Slimming World for MONTHS and since I’ve just booked a summer holiday I’m determined to feel confident in the sun, wondering around in shorts not sweating to death (or at least not chafing).

Save Money

In 2018 I graduated university, so 2019 is the first year that I’ll be working full-time ALL YEAR (hopefully). In that time surely, I’ll be able to save some decent money while I’m still living at home.

Spend Some Money Too

This might sound like it goes against my previous resolution but bear with me. Yes, I want to save money, but I want to save it to be able to spend it on the things that I really want like a holiday with friends, weekends away, maybe a handbag or two. Saving money’s great, but what exactly am I saving it for if you can’t enjoy it too?

Read More

The last year I’ve read about 10 books which is awful when I enjoy it so much. I’ve joined the Good Reads reading challenge and I’m determined to read at least 50 books this year.

So, there’s my 2019 resolutions. Hopefully this time next year I’ll be congratulating myself on how well I managed to stick to them and making some more for 2020. Wish me luck!
If you’ve made some new year resolutions what are they?


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