The Last Glossybox of 2018

I was unsure whether to post this review as it’ll be my last post of 2018 but, I posted the reviews for my other subscription boxes’, so it would have been a shame not to. This month GlossyBox bought us the ‘All That Glitters’ box, promising us all the glitter and glam of Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year so I was hoping for my favourite box…

Bellapierre Costmetics, Shimmer Roll in Champagne (RRP £19.99) Full-Size

I love a multi-purpose product and this claims to be able to brighten up your lips, eyes and body. I’ve never seen powder shadow in a roll-on since I was about 10 but this looked a little more appealing. I wasn’t expecting the roll on to be so pigmented with a great pay-off and the champagne colour is really lovely. Of course, you can’t get a precise application on your eye lids with it but for a simple look it’s great to just swipe across your lid and blend. It’s also a nice lip topper to add to the centre of your lips for a little extra sparkle.

Doucce, Relentless Matte Lip Crayon in Winterberry (RRP £16.95) Full-Size

I like the maroon shade of this lip crayon because it’s quite festive and the formula is really creamy and pigmented. The nib makes application super easy and it was done in a few swipes! I wasn’t expecting great longevity as crayons never last too long but it did alright, it lasted a few hours and multiple cups of tea.

Imperial Leather, Fantasy Icons Cosmic Unicorn Shower Gel (RRP £1.99) Full-size

I love that they’ve sent a shower gel, almost making it like a care package for the month. What I don’t like however is that I can’t really use this because of my eczema prone skin (I use specific non-perfumed shower gels). Never the less, I tried it just the once so I could at least wright something about it. There was quite a strong floral/Parma violet smell to it and it foamed up nicely but apart from that it didn’t do a lot. There wasn’t any sparkle at all so I was disappointed I didn’t look like a walking disco ball.

Niko Pro, Liquid Jelly Blush in Bali (RRP £12) Full-Size

I’ll just get it out there and out the way; I hate jelly blushes. They either don’t show up at all or make me look like a silly doll (thankfully this gave the first result). I strongly dislike putting liquids on top of powders, so the very sheer colour is almost completely covered after I powder my face down. Also, the packaging it terrible! The lid has almost completely disintegrated so the jelly is basically a bit useless now.

Beauty BLVD, Devine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask (RRP £7.50) Full-Size

Every lip mask I seem to try never works for me, and neither does this one; I just can’t see a difference! The mask is very flimsy and I had to actually hold it onto my face the entire time because it had no stick what so ever. After holding it on for so long I thought surely there must be a difference, but there was very little. My lips felt a little more moisturised which is good for this weather, but that’s about it.

MayBeauty, The Incredible Pore Strip (£3.50) Extra Treat

I’m a bit sceptical of pore strips because I haven’t had many work and they’re always SO painful to take off. This one was easy to apply and after the recommended half an hour I tore it off my face (felt like my skin was coming off with it) to find that it had gotten rid of a few blackheads and quite a few hairs. There are two strips, so I’ll use the second to get rid of a few more blackheads and a few more hairs.

All three of the beauty boxes I’ve tried have tried to imply that the products are full of sparkle and glitter (it’s literally called ‘All That Glitters’) but they’ve all let me down on that. Apart from the box and the roll-on shadow this box is as glittery as a brick. Besides that, I liked the box and most of the products inside and I’m really happy that they’re ALL full-sized! I still think Glossybox is the best value for money box, but it’s on par with Look Fantastic I think.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you in 2019!


One thought on “The Last Glossybox of 2018

  1. chloeburford says:

    This box looks so cool! But I so agree with you on the gel blushes, I have never got on with any cream blushers or contour, it always looks so harsh! Loving the flat lays as always xx


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