My 2018 Best Beauty Picks

This year there has been so many different beauty products launched it’s been almost impossible to keep up! This year has gone so fast I can’t believe there’s only a few days left of it! I wanted to share a few of my favourite beauty finds of the year because all though some weren’t released this year, I am loving my collection at the moment.

Clinique, Moisture Surge

I’ve used a couple of Clinique products before but this year I was introduced to even more and my absolute favourite is their moisture surge moisturiser. I can’t rave about this product enough, it feels almost wet on your skin then sinks in effortlessly. There aren’t that many moisturisers I can use on their own, without using eczema stuff too, but this stuff is a god send for my dry skin. It’s not the most affordable moisturiser I’ll admit, but damn it’s worth it.

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice

I’ve done a whole dedicated post on the review of this palette and it’s still one of my favourites of the year (most of my favourite palettes are now Revolution). From pigmentation to range of colours, there’s not a bad word I can say against this palette. I’ve used it almost daily and I still haven’t hit pan!

Revolution, The Mascara Revolution

Another Revolution product on my list (no surprise there) is their newest mascara. It’s very similar to L’Oreal’s Paradise mascara with an hourglass wand that lengthens and thickens but I find Revolution’s formula just a little thinner, meaning it doesn’t clump up or dry out as easily. I’ve had absolutely no fall out from this, so I don’t look like a panda at the end of the day. It’s 100% my favourite mascara.

Benefit, the POREfessional Primer
The price tag of this primer makes me not want to like it (£27.50 for 22ml) but I can’t help it. It sinks into your skin and smooths over pores, giving you baby soft skin while having a slight tackiness perfect for makeup to stick to. The Body Shop’s InstaBlur is the closest dupe I’ve found which is a little cheaper and still great.

NYX, Micro Brow Pencil

This year I gave up (almost) on brow pomades and switched to pencils (they’re so much easier for a lazy girl like me). The best I’ve found is from NYX and rivals Anastasia Beverly Hills (so I’ve heard, bit too expensive for me to try). The formula is smooth and pigmented, and the nib is small enough to get nice precise brows.

Revolution, Conceal & Define Concealer
Of course this was going to be on my list! Again, I’ve done a whole post on this product before and it’s still as amazing. It can conceal my worst breakouts and hide the fact I’ve only had 2 hours sleep. My only complaint was how fast the product would run out but now they’ve bought out a super-size bottle with 3 times the product (and for only £7)!

Revolution, Soph Nude Lipstick

The last Revolution product I swear! I couldn’t not talk about the formula of these lipsticks though, they’re the most creamiest and pigmented I’ve ever tried. They’re so comfortable on the lips and I adore each colour. No, they don’t last forever, but no crème lipstick does. I’d say quite happily that I prefer this formula even to mac’s…

Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion
A product that I don’t think gets near enough credit anymore. I remember everyone used to rave about this eye primer but now no one talks about it, why?! This little potion has helped my eyeshadow stay on for hours, through heat waves, night outs and university tears. Not the cheapest product (and I’m sure you can get others) but it lasts so long. I have the original and the anti-aging (for when my skins a little dryer) and they’re still going strong even after about 4 months of constant use!

So, there it is, my best beauty picks of 2018! I’ve loved discovering new products this year and I can’t wait to see what I find next year! If you’ve got any favourites from this year, let me know! I love hearing about them.


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