A Festive Birchbox

A couple of months ago I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription because I just wasn’t happy with the tiny sample sizes and useless products I was receiving. However, they promised their December box was going to be one of their best yet so of course I caved and re-subscribed for Christmas. The box itself it’s very cute with blue glitter and rose gold stars on the top and a snowy scene wrapping around the sides.

Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask (RRP £7.50) Full Size

I’ve tried a few bubble sheet masks before, so I knew a little of what to expect with this. It stuck really well to my face so I didn’t have to just lay still for twenty minutes but it didn’t bubble up as much as I was expecting. It left my skin feeling more moisturised and smoother but not for a great length of time.

Balance Me, Flash Cleanse Micellar Water (RRP £16)

For a tiny little bottle this sample’s gone a surprisingly long way. The product takes my residual makeup off, doesn’t irritate my skin or make it feel dry and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. What more could I ask for? (maybe for the price to be cheaper but what can you do).

Laritzy Cosmetics, Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Power (RRP £20) Full Size

I’m a fan of liquid lipsticks for their staying power but I’ve found very few that don’t make my lips as dry as the desert and this product is no exception. The colour is a much deeper tone than what it looks in the tube, with it actually being a dark maroon colour, but it’s nice and festive. It applies nicely and stays in place for a few hours (it’s useless when you’re eating) but it dries down to a sticky, heavy feeling formula where you can always tell you’ve got something on your lips.

Rituals, The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream (RRP £19.50)

Rituals are a great brand and I really like several of their products. Their body creams always smell amazing, this one has the “irresistible aroma of Indian rose with pampering Himalayan honey” which lasts on the skin. I wouldn’t use this as an all-over moisturiser purely because I have to use specific ones for my eczema but because of the size it’s great to have in my bag to use as a daily hand cream.

Percy & Reed, Totally TLC Hydrating Mask (RRP £22)

Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hair masks that come in a sachet are pointless; I can only get one use out of them so how can I really test them? Although I only got to use the mask once, I really liked it. I didn’t have to leave it for half an hour like most, so it was so much easier in the shower and it did make my hair feel nice, smooth and soft. For £22 will I purchase it without knowing if it actually did anything or if it was just a fluke? Probably not.

Extra Treats:
Birchbox had some Christmas spirit and included two extra little treats in this month’s box which were a Birchbox Hair Comb and a Hotel Chocolat, Chocolate Duo. I really like the comb as I prefer a wide tooth after a shower and for combing out my curls. The chocolates were a really nice treat (and tasty) and admittedly didn’t last very long.

December’s Birchbox I must admit was a really nice one. They added moisturising products that suit the minter months as well as a couple of indulgent treats. Apart from the lipstick and maybe the chocolates there wasn’t much holiday cheer which I found a little disappointing. I can’t see myself staying subscribed to Birchbox just because I’m almost certain January’s box will be disappointing, but I might be wrong!

Have you had this box? What did you think to it? If you want to try Birchbox out just CLICK HERE and get your first box half price!


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