One Palette, One Week (Obsession x Belle Jorden)

As most of us know, it feels like Revolution bring out a new product every week (not that I’m complaining). A few of them pass me by without a second glance, but when I saw Belle Jorden’s collaboration with Obsession (a Revolution sister brand) I snapped it up. The colours rage from a bright white, to adevastating black with bronze, pink and purple hues between. The first thing that attracted me to this palette was its design; it’s unlike a lot of their other collaboration products and has Belle Jorden’s name beautifully embossedon the front. This palette currently retails for just £10, so for 16 shades I thought that was pretty damn good. I decided to test how durable this palette was by using just this one palette for an entire week. As someone who changes their make-up A LOT through the week I was anticipating a certain level of difficulty.

Through the week I experimented with almost all the shades (apart from the black and duo-chrome purple). I created a mixture of subtle and bright looks with my favourite being a bronze look using the shades Pops, Bear and A.F. Most days I used 1706 as a base shade, however I’d have preferred a lighter shade in there for the base normally. The pinks are really vibrant and have a lot of stunning pigment, I found myself having to only dip my brush once to get good pay-off. Even the dark purple (which is a very hard colour to formulate) didn’t go patchy or all over my face so I was very impressed, and I found none of the shades had fall-out!

Through the week I was really impressed with how well I managed to use just this one palette to create so many different looks. My favourite shades are Sagittarius (a gorgeous burnt orange which looks great on its own in the crease for a subtle look), Pops (a pale brown with a hint of shimmer to open the eyes) and I almost can’t choose a third because I love them all but I found myself using Glow Baby (a shimmering baby pink, great for a spotlight highlight) regularly through the week. I felt the only thing really missing in this palette was a transition shade because there are so many bright colours it would have been useful to have.

This palette is one of the most durable I’ve used in a long time and from really trialling it I know it’s going to become a staple in my collection, well-done Belle, Obsession and Revolution.

Have you tried this palette? What did you think to it? Let me know! If you want to get your hands on this palette just click here!


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