An S.O.S of a GlossyBox

This month, GlossyBox bought us a ‘Beauty S.O.S’ box which apparently has everything you need to keep your make-up and skin feeling and looking perfect through the winter months. Last month’s box is hard to follow (read my Halloween box review here) but GlossyBox hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Huda Beauty, Liquid Matte Lipstick in Girlfriend (RRP £18)Full-Size

I thought I’d start on a high and I was super impressed that this was in this month’s box. The shade ‘girlfriend’ is a light brown/nude and right up my street. The formula is more liquidy than I was expecting (not sure why as it is a liquid lipstick) but it dried down relatively quickly and didn’t have the sticky texture most do. It stays in place for hours and I paired this up with a light nude lipstick on top to extend the longevity even more. The smell is unique to the brand and very strong, but it does fade once its dried down. If you’re not a fan of products with a strong smell, I’d give this a miss but I’m quite impressed.

Stylondon, Eaton Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £9.99) Full-Size

This is a pretty colour combination for an eye palette, with pink and bronze hues and contains 3 mattes and 6 shimmer shades. This product is cruelty free which is great and the formula is smooth, but I have most of these shades already in other palettes. It isn’t the most original palette I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t come with a mirror which is quite disappointing as £10 for 9 small shades and no mirror isn’t what I’d call good value. The shades are relatively pigmented, but I found them pretty average.

Context, Micro-Derm Regenerator (RRP £26.70) Deluxe Mini,30ml

This cleanser has little crystals in to exfoliate the skin while cleansing. I thought this might be a little too harsh on my skin, but I actually really liked how gentle it was while it left my skin feeling amazingly soft. It’s also cruelty and fragrance free!

YourGoodSkin, Balancing Skin Concentrate (RRP £16.99) DeluxeMini, 10ml

They say that this is “clinically proven” to improve skintexture, moisture, radiance, oiliness and skin-tone evenness, but I couldn’t tellany difference what so ever. I didn’t see any difference after using this so it’s a little pointless to me, I’ll definitely be giving this away to a friend to see if it works more for them.

Living Proof, Restore Mask Treatment (RRP £10) Travel Size

If you’ve read most of my previous box reviews you’ll know I’mnot a great lover of receiving hair masks, especially travel sized ones. It’s nothing against hair masks in general, it’s just that my hair (to say I’ve dyed it for years) is in pretty good shape. I’m sure on damaged hair there might have been some visible difference but on mine there wasn’t any. My hair may be short but because it’s thick I had to use so much of this that a decent chunk of the sample was gone in the first use. The formula is really thick and has a pleasant, soft scent, but I just couldn’t see or feel any difference.

Chloe, Nomade (Extra Treat)

I was so disappointed to find out that GlossyBox’s ‘littletreat’ was a few squirts of perfume. Birchbox did this the other month and I wasjust as pleased about it then (if you haven’t read that review already, give it a little read!). The perfume itself is quite nice with a fresh, clean scent. I’ve got a tonne of perfume at the minute so I won’t be running out to buy it but I’ll consider it when I next need some.

Following last month’s great box was going to be hard I know,but this one just fell short of what I’ve come to expect from GlossyBox. There area couple of things I’ve really liked in this box, such as the liquid lipstick and cleanser, but equally there are some things that have been useless (theskin concentrate and hair mask). Hopefully next month will be back up to parand especially since it’ll be their Christmas edition!

Have you had this month’s GlossyBox? What did you think to it?

If you’d like to try it, click here to get £5 off you’re first box!


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