A Halloweeny GlossyBox

For this month’s Halloween inspired box, Glossybox created two different boxes; a trick or a treat box. I received the treat box and what a treat it was, with contents adding up to £67.99! It’s not just about the value, if the products aren’t very good but there isn’t one product I don’t like. I love the Halloween concept and I can’t wait to tell you what’s inside!


Makeup Academy, Luxe Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit in Pearl Gold (RRP £5) Full-Size

I haven’t used MUA products in a very long time and I remembered them as being okay but not great. This highlight duo contains a strobing balm and a powder highlight in a gorgeous light cream/champagne tone with golden reflects. I found the balm had a really nice creamy texture and when applied it didn’t spread onto the rest of your face, giving you a nice healthy glow. The powder highlight is a little lighter in tone to what I would normally wear but for highlighting my inner corners and nose it actually works really well. This had changed my view of MUA and I might look into their products a little more.

heart rating 5.jpg

Luna By Luna Cosmetics, Translucent Powder, Loose (RRP £17) Full-Size

I love a loose powder because my face can get oilier than a salmon I swear. The powder is super finely milled and comes with a little puff although I prefer using a mini brush to reach and pack under my eyes. The powder does initially have some white pigment, but this goes and settles into the skin with a little blending. The power made my makeup stay in place, kept my oiliness away and even had no flash-back.

heart rating 4

This Works, In Transit Camera Close-up (RRP Deluxe Mini = £17, Full-Size = £35) 20ml Deluxe Mini

I wish this product wasn’t so expensive for the full-size because I really do love it. The cream is a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one! I love a multitasking product, and this does all 3 jobs well. It really moisturises the skin while blurring pores and is one of the best bases I’ve tried for a long time. What can I say, It Works.

heart rating 5

Sleek Makeup, Eyeshadow Palette in Oh So Special (RRP £8.99) Full-Size

I love the addition of an eyeshadow palette to the box because I feel like it really completes it. The shades are neutral and are a mixture between shimmers and mattes. The shadows give decent pigment (especially the black), blend decently and stay in place. I love the pink and lighter brown shades for an everyday look with a pop of shimmer. It’s a great every-day palette and I’ll definitely get some use out of it.

heart rating 4.jpg

Illamasqua, Antimatter Lipstick in Nebula (RRP £20) Full-Size

When I found out we got an Illamazqua lipstick in this month’s box I think I actually did a happy dance. The RRP of these is £20, the box (including postage) is only £13.25! Admittedly it’s not a shade I would have normally picked but I surprised myself by loving it. It’s super pigmented, really creamy and has a great crème finish. It also has amazing staying-power which is what you need with a shade like this.

heart rating 5

If I haven’t already made it obvious, I LOVED THIS BOX. It’s possibly the best subscription box I’ve ever gotten (so far) and Glossybox keep upping their game every month. I couldn’t help but compare this box to my Birchbox (which is only 30p cheaper) and it’s one of the reasons I cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I already know one product that’s in next month’s box and it’s another goodie, here’s to the rest of the box being as good!


Have you received this month’s Glossybox? If you want to try it (and get a nice little discount) CLICK HERE.


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