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The trend of having fuller, plumper lips is going nowhere and for those with lips as thin as toothpicks, it’s not great news. As much as I wouldn’t say you need to follow any trend, a lot of us do still want Kylie Jenner worthy lips, but at what price? The price for lip fillers can be extortionate and well into the hundreds of pounds, and that’s just the financial cost. Fillers are invasive and can cause a horrible reaction if your body doesn’t agree with them or if they are not applied correctly. So, if you want fuller, plumper lips but don’t want to have any cosmetic surgery/procedures, what do you do? I’ve been looking for non-invasive lip products/devices and one I’ve found does really work is the PMD Kiss.


Admittedly, I don’t have ultra-thin lips but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting them just a little plumper as I have the issue of lip products not sitting right because they’re a little flat and have the little creases. PMD very kindly sent me over a Kiss device to try and test so I could see the results for myself. The little machine is re-chargeable which makes it really easy to use and the battery lasts forever, I still haven’t had to charge it and I’ve been using it regularly for a couple of months now. I even took it on holiday with me and had my friends trying it out too.

How It Works

The devise uses suction to plump your lips which also helps the production of collagen, resulting in longer lasting results. The suction increases blood flow to the lips, helping the production of collagen and making the results longer lasting. There’s two settings, the first is shorter spouts of suction while the second is longer for a more intense application. I’d recommend the first setting at first and build up to using the second setting to allow your lips to adjust. On the box there’s all the instructions you need but to use the devise is so simple; you just press the button, hold it to you lips, move it around every 10-15 vibrations and you’re done! The application takes a few minutes and fits perfectly into any busy morning routine (I manage it even when I’m late, which is very often). With the device I also received their plumping serum which helps the device plump up those lips. The serum feels very smooth and similar to other plumping serums, giving you a tingling feeling.


Does It Work?

Like I said earlier, I’ve been using the PMD Kiss for a couple of months and I can absolutely see a difference. For myself, i didn’t want lip fillers because I didn’t believe I had enough of a problem to, however I still wanted to adapt them a little. Not only has the size and shape improved but also the colour of my lips. Because of the repeated blood stimulation, I now have much naturally,softer, pinker lips too that I love. The creases have noticeably decreased (haha) too since using it and applying lip sticks/liquid lipsticks is so much better!

What’s the cost?

So, this isn’t the cheapest device ever, at £125, but it works. You don’t have to keep topping the device up with product like lip fillers so it’s a one-off price. If you’re someone considering lip fillers I would 100% recommend trying this first instead. The company are lovely and their other skin products look fantastic too. I can barely say anything bad about this product because it’s now one of my beauty staples.

If you fancy trying out the PMD Kiss CLICK HERE where you can get it in four cute colours!

Have you tried this product or something similar? What did you think to it?


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4 thoughts on “How To Get Fuller Lips Without Fillers | The PMD Kiss

  1. Antonymous says:

    I think there are women who look better with thin lips and very classy (:, it depends on the face and features, but it should be about what you like more about yourself, as long as you don’t go for risky and unhealthy lengths. This is non invasive, the opposite and the result seems to look great, not that before they weren’t. Let’s encourage everyone to embrace their unique look.
    a friendly kiss


    • Lauren Morton says:

      Thinner lips can of course look amazing, like anything else on an individual. On myself, I prefer a fuller lip, it’s just my personal preference. The world would be a very borng place if we all looked and thought the same.


      • Antonymous says:

        Love your message, I fully agree and meant to say that. There are indeed many kinds of beauty everyone should tune to their personal style. Not relevant but I think your full lips suit you, also because that’s what you personally like, makes you confident and you make it work with your looks.
        Keep going and have a good time.


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