The Birchbox That Made Me Unsubscribe

I really didn’t want to write this review and especially not with this title, but I can’t deny that the past few boxes have been so disappointing I can’t help but feel like I’m just throwing money away every month. The box is really pretty, and I understand they want to do something different to just Halloween but there’s only one Halloween but plenty more fall months. Opening this box, I was really disappointed in the size of the samples with just two being full-sized (I’m unsure if you can even get sample sized sheet masks).


BeautyPro, Thermotherapy Warming Silver Foil Mask (RRP £5.95) Full-Size

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I love sheet masks so I was relieved there was at least one item I was looking forward to using in here. There was a tonne of product on the mask and it applied really nicely and stuck. It says it’s a warming mask but it didn’t warm or heat up at all. Apart from that it was nice, and it moisturised my skin really nicely. My skin broke out in the next few days, but I can’t pin point exactly what caused it.

Daily Concepts, Multi-Functioning Charcoal Soap Sponge (RRP £6) Full-Size

heart rating 1

I see charcoal being an ingredient in beauty products isn’t going away any time soon then. This product claims to cleanse and detoxify your skin while exfoliating with its “gentle sponge”, so I really wanted to like this. However, I’m not sure what sponges they’re used to, but this felt like a thousand little needles were being scraped against my skin. And even after the torture, there was still make-up left on my face! For every product I try it at least twice (or at least try to) but I was actually scared to use this again because I knew it bloody hurt. The second time, after id used warmer water and lathered it a bit more it didn’t hurt as much, maybe just a hundred needles. I’ll maybe use this again once or twice, but I certainly won’t be re-purchasing.


Amika, Soulfood Nourishing Mask (RRP £20) 20ml Sample

heart rating 4

I normally don’t like hair masks, but this was actually really nice and left my hair feeling smooth and soft. I don’t know if this result would be consistent because there was only enough product in the sample for one application. If I could at least have two applications and it worked, I’d have considered buying the full-size.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain, Touchable Curl Cream (RRP £17) 14ml Sample

heart rating 2.jpg

My hair isn’t completely curly so I’m not sure why I received this if they’re supposed to be tailored to you, but I still tried it. This cream has a nice subtle scent and applies nicely through the hair. The first time I used It, it made my hair less frizzy and made what curls were there more prominent. However, the second time it didn’t do a great deal and my hair felt and looked exactly the same as usual. I’ll continue to use this product up to see if it makes a difference next time, but again I probably won’t be purchasing the full sized.


Winky Lux, Strobing Balm in Radiant Pink (RRP £15) 1.5g Sample

heart rating 2

I like using a strobing balm at the moment because it gives a subtler glow to the skin than a baked powder highlight, so I find better for everyday work, this product was actually well matched to me. The colour is a soft pink with light golden reflects, it’s lovely, but the texture is not. It claims to “glide onto the skin with ease thanks to its creamy texture”, what they seem to mean by “creamy” is “oilier than a doner kebab”. Due to having oilier areas to my skin, the highlight (although a very pretty colour) can sometimes look more like the oils in my skin coming through rather than pretty cheekbones with a subtle highlight.

Joop!, Wow! Woman Eau de Toilette (RRP £37) 1.2ml Sample

heart rating 3

I’m not sure why I received a millilitre of perfume, but they packaged it as “a little something extra” and they took the word “little” very literally. With the other samples being so small this didn’t add anything to the box. The smell is floral and pleasant and something I would normally buy. As a product it’s nice but to have in the box it’s almost useless.


I used to love Birchbox and be so excited at the start of every month, but I can’t get excited over little samples of products I’m never going to use. Because of the last few boxes being so disappointed, I’m now cancelling my subscription to Birchbox. I costed this box up and with all of the sample sizes it (loosely) came to about £15, which is only just over what I paid for the box. Hopefully the next few box’s will pick up and get better and I’ll re-subscribe, but for now I’ll just be getting Glossybox.

Did you receive this month’s Birchbox? What did you think to it? Should I re-subscribe already?


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