Where Have I Been (Again)?!

I seem to be disappearing a lot recently and it’s been for a number of reasons. Recently I’ve felt really disconnected from blogging and social media and pretty much everything else. I haven’t ever really spoken much about my mental health but recently it took a little bit of a nose dive. So many things have contributed to this but it’s all the little things that have escalated into big things that are even harder to tackle and chipping away at them seemed to be getting me nowhere.

I can only describe the past couple of months as being like the chair you put all your clothes on after a long day. It starts out as just a top, then there’s a pair of jeans then another 100 tops and all of a sudden, you’ve got 10 loads of washing to do and no time to do it. The more I left it and didn’t write, the more anxious I become about posting anything.

Whenever I’ve hit little blips before I’ve always known how to get out of them, sometimes I’ll just need to crack on with a piece of work or get around to applying for something important or sitting down and writing a post, but this time it’s been a little harder. I thought this blip was going to last forever until the other day when I saw someone get a PR package from Revolution, one of my favourite brands, and I tweeted this:


After, I suddenly thought “well I’m never going to am I if I don’t sort myself out”. Of course, I’d never blog for the purpose of getting PR packages, that would just be silly, but I’d almost forgotten why I started blogging in the first place; because I flipping love writing. And especially writing about makeup, skincare and almost anything! It also made me realise how much I want to invest in my blog and really make it work. I recently had a job interview and when I mentioned my blog they became so much more interested and it made me so proud about what I’d created, I want that more!

So, this post is a little bit of an apology, to whoever is reading this and to my blog, for wasting so much time, as well as a little explanation. There’s still 84 days left of the year and I fully intend to make the absolute most out of them. I’m putting positive vibes out there and I’m certain it’ll all be worth it.

I hope you’re all doing well!


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