A Girly Gift-Guide For A Twenty-Something

As some of you may already know, last month I turned 22! The early twenties are a very weird age, but I’ll save that for a different post. I really wanted to create a little cheat sheet for anyone out there who has no idea what to buy for a twenty-something girl (and also share some of the wonderful gifts I received). Also, I know it’s a little early, but in a few months it’s the busies gift-giving time of the year (YAY) so here’s my girly gift guide for a twenty-something:



An absolute obvious one, an oldie but a goldie. I think either a nice wine or spirit (depending on person preference) is always a winner. I especially love pink gin at the moment, like most of the population, so I received around three different bottles.


I, obviously, love make-up and skin care so for my friends and family it was an obvious choice. I think even if someone doesn’t like make-up, skin care is a really great gift because anyone can use it and putting a little luxury on your face is nice for anybody. I love sheet masks and I got the new Garnier, Mix it yourself mask, it looks great but I’m still terrified to use it in case I mess it up terribly, wish me luck.



Most people already know this, but if you didn’t, I’m just a little bit obsessed with bags. Everyone needs one, so what a perfect gift! I actually treated myself to this adorable bag from Radley. Every year I try to treat myself for my birthday and get myself something that I’ve wanted for ages. I first saw this bag last Christmas but couldn’t afford it at the time because I was still a student and then it completely disappeared. When I found it again on the website I knew it was meant to be!


Cups, teacups, mugs, is it just me who loves getting these as gifts? I got this adorable ‘hug-mug’ from my friend and it’s the perfect size to wrap your hands around when it’s freezing outside to warm yourself up. Pretty little mugs I think are a great gift because you can keep them for so long as a reminder of them.


Pretty phone accessories

As a little gift I think a phone case is a wonderful idea and especially a personised one. I got this beautiful one from Midnight Prints and it’s even got a protective casing so I don’t have a heart attack whenever I drop my phone. To get a lovely 20% off these cases just use LaurenM at checkout!


Who doesn’t love a nice smelly gift set? It’s a gift staple for a reason. The Body Shop’s gift sets are always beautiful and every single one of their products smell AMAZING, there isn’t one I don’t like. My favourites are the strawberry and the almond milk and honey. Perfume and body sprays are another great gift, but I think they need to be a little more specific to the person as perfumes are very individual.



Especially for special birthday’s like a 21st I find jewellery to be a great gift because it’s something you’re going to keep. I prefer delicate jewellery to chunky but that’s just personal preference, I really don’t think you can go too wrong with a nice set of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, etc but you can go very, very wrong with a toe ring.


In particular, sweets. I nice box of chocolates, or some fun old-fashioned style sweets are a lovely gift. Gifts that you can keep are great but the ones you can eat are even better.

So, there is my little girly gift guide cheat sheet! I hope that if you do have a gift to buy, that this helped just a little. I hear so many people say how hard they find shopping for gifts but we’re not that hard to buy for really!

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Let me know!


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