Does Writing Your Goals Down Really Help?

Last month was the first time I’ve ever actually written down my goals for the month, but what difference did it actually make?

I decided through August I was going to:

  • Be more organised and consistent with my blog,
  • Create more art
  • Save some money
  • Get back into healthy eating
  • And get a little more creative with makeup again

I thought putting my goals out into the world would help me really think about them and strive to achieve them. Admittedly I did think about they a lot more once I’d written them down, but can I honestly say that I’ve fully achieved any of them so far? Not at all. I’m becoming better at organising my blog through finding a better work/life balance. (beginning work full time has been a learning curve but I’m getting there). Whenever I have spare time I’m usually sat writing or planning or taking photos. Like right now I’m currently sat in the hairdressers with hair dye on my head.
I’ve started sketching more again because I’m more conscious of how little I’ve done since writing it down. I’m now starting to think of how I could sell my work as I’m rediscovering my passion for it but there’s still a watercolour in my room that’s been half finished for about 4 months.

I’ve managed, for once in my life, to save around 50% of my wages last month. for me, that’s incredible (or at least a step in the right direction). even with my birthday, a holiday and multiple days and nights out I’ve managed at least something. I’d love to carry this on through September, but I can almost feel the spending bug coming back as autumn appears along with fluffy coats and woolly jumpers.

So, the main thing I wanted to achieve was eating better. the past month or so I’ve eaten to my heart’s desire and I’m really starting to notice it now. Some clothes don’t fit quite as well as they did a few weeks ago and I don’t feel as comfortable in myself anymore which I hate. As soon as all the birthday chocolate and treats are gone I’ve made a pact with a friend to join a gym, re-join Slimming World and get my fitness back.

I feel like writing my goals down and posting them definitely did help me towards achieving them. Even if I was a little ambitious with how long they would take me. for September I’m not writing any more new goals as I still haven’t fully achieved these yet. To add more things to the list would mean my focus is spread even thinner and I can barely keep track now!


What are your September goals? Do you write your monthly/weekly goals down? Let me know!


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