Glossybox: Pride Edition!

It’s August and this month Glossybox is celebrating Pride which makes me SO happy, what makes me even happier is that this month there’s SIX FULL-SIZE products inside! They’re all about spreading love and rainbows this month with the box design being their brightest yet.


Rimmel London, Ink Me Heart Stamp Tattoo (RRP £4.99) Full Size

An eyeliner in the shape of a heart, amazing! The idea of this product is adorable, I’ve stamped it everywhere, but it’s probably not something I’ll use on a day-to-day basis. The ink is super black and opaque, the heart shape never fails to stamp fully, and it has a long wear-time. If I ever want to add a little something extra to a look, I’ll be reaching for this.

heart rating 4

Rimmel London, Ink Me Sticker Tattoos (RRP £4.99) Full Size

As someone who is petrified just at the thought of getting a real tattoo, I flipping love sticker ones. Bored in a day? Rub it off! These from Rimmel are a stunning gold metallic and black with beautiful designs. Their application was super easy; just hold down into place, dab with a wet cloth for a few seconds and there we go! The colours stay opaque after applying them and don’t fade for at least 24 hours, they didn’t even come off in the shower!

heart rating 5

Trifle Cosmetics, Lip & Cheek Jam (RRP £17.50) Full Size

Firstly, I have to say the packaging for this product is just lovely; the box is adorable and the glass with the pipette makes the product feel so much more luxurious. I don’t use products this often as I haven’t had much luck with them in the past. I’ve often found that they don’t really do anything and blend out into nothing. Although the ‘jam’ isn’t the most opaque tint I’ve ever tried, it did give my cheeks and lips a healthy bit of colour. I’d use this for no make-up, make-up days, for your-skin-but-better days.

heart rating 4

Kaleido Cosmetics, Astrolight Highlighter (RRP £13) Full Size

This highlight is STUNNING. The colour is gorgeous, and the shine is blinding. I have almost nothing bad to say about this apart from it does set very, very quickly so you have to work quite fast with it. Other than that, it blends out beautifully and lasts for hours. I used this as an eyeshadow and it didn’t budge or crease at all through the day.

heart rating 5

Victoria’s Secret Pink, Let’s Pre Glam Perfecting Sheet Mask (RRP £5) Full Size

I absolutely love a sheet mask as I’ve spoken about quite a few times before and this one did not disappoint. This mask almost sounds like a primer and I’d definitely use it as one, it leaves a tackiness to the skin which enables makeup to stick very well, while moisturising and settling skin. It doesn’t slide right off your face so you’re still able to get on with your day/night/evening without it ending up on the floor and it’s scent is quite pleasant. It’s a very good sheet mask but I wouldn’t say it’s better than others I’ve tried (like my personal favourite: Garnier moisture bombs) while it’s still around double the price.

heart rating 4

The Shadow Paint in 703 (RRP £8.95) Full Size

I knew the success of this box could only last so long. I’m not really a grungy makeup kind of person so a blue eyeshadow paint that you can’t be very precise with is daunting to me. The shadow is very long wearing, and the colour is a nice deep blue/navy, but I think the only way I’ll be wearing this is as a liner instead of smudged onto the lids.

heart rating 3

This box was such a success for me I’m a little amazed. There isn’t one product that preformed badly or that I’ll be giving away (sorry mum). The item I was least keen on was the eyeshadow paint but even that still preforms really well. I absolutely love the highlighter and it will definitely be put with my everyday makeup. I’ve loved every Glossybox I’ve purchased so far and I can’t wait for my next one!

I know I’ve posted this super late in the month (I’m useless, I know) but if you want to get your hands on a Glossybox CLICK HERE and get £5 off your first box!


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