Live A Little Beautiful: August’s Birchbox

I know this is pretty late to post August’s review but it’s not September just yet. I’m so happy Birchbox have gone back to their drawer design as I find them so much more useful to re-use than the gift box style. This month Birchbox has teamed up with Etsy and 10 of their sellers who have each created an individual box design. I received Lucy Says I Do’s design and I love the floral print, it’s so bright and summery and just what I need now the weather is beginning to turn. Included in this box was two beauty products, two skin care and one hair care product.


Dirty Little Secret, Eye Shadow Crayon in Gold Plated (RRP £10.50) Full Size

I’m still a big fan of eye shadow crayons, even after last month’s not so great one from Eyeko, but I had a bit more hope for this one. You could choose form either ‘Gold Plated’ (self-explanatory) or ‘Fetch’ which was a pink shade. I chose Gold Plated purely because I thought I would use it more and I simply preferred the colour. The shade is a bronze with gold reflects and looks super pretty. It applies really easily to the skin and blends nicely too. It’s got a few hours of wear time which can be lengthened if you powder it down with a shadow. It’s nice to have and I’ll use it again, but it probably won’t be a go-to item.

heart rating 4

CLE Cosmetics, Melting Lip Powder in Blushing Peach (RRP £15) 0.9G Sample Size

This product absolutely fascinates me! I’ve no idea how on earth the powder turns into a liquid but that’s where the fascination ends I’m afraid. This peach colour is nice, but it doesn’t give a great colour pay-off and because of this I’ve no idea how long it lasted as I could barely see it to begin with! I even tried it on my cheeks and it still barely showed up. For a natural no-makeup makeup look I suppose it could be nice but it’s a little too subtle for me.

heart rating 1

Dr. Botanicals, Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask (RRP £14.90) Full Size

I’m interested to know why this is called the Pomegranate Mask when there is less pomegranate than any other ingredient. Anyway, this mask has a really lovely citrus smell (not pomegranate) and sinks into the skin nice and quickly. I couldn’t see a distinct change in my skins brightness or completion, it didn’t make my skin look rejuvenated or like I’d had 13 hours sleep, it was just nice to put on. I had one small blemish when I tried this mask and it didn’t make it worse, but it didn’t make it better either. I’ll probably be giving this away.

heart rating 1

Number 4, Sugar Spray (RRP £20) 30ml Sample Size

I’ve loved the other Number 4 products I’ve tried but I wasn’t so keen on this one. It has admittedly made my hair feel quite smooth but that’s about all the difference it’s made. The spray is a nice fine mist and applies evenly through the hair. My hair is still the frizzy little mess it normally is when I let it air-dry, but just a little smoother.

heart rating 1

Rituals, Happy Budha Foaming Shower Gel (RRP £8.50) 50ml Sample Size

This shower gel feels super luxurious! It foams into soft bubbles when you spray it and a little goes a long way with this product. The scent I found to be a mixture of citrus and floral which I loved, and it lasted for a long time on the body too. I would definitely buy this for when I’m wanting to give myself a little pamper.

heart rating 5

I can’t help but feel just a little bit disappointed with this box, and I’m beginning to more and more with Birchbox every month. I feel a loyalty to them because they were my first beauty subscription box and I’ll be sticking with them to see if they improve because I really do love getting them. I’m hoping next month’s will be better as I already know one little treat…

What do you think to this months Birchbox? Havne’t tried it yet? CLICK HERE and get your first box HALF PRICE.


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