From Poor-Student to Full-Time Employee

In the past few months I’ve gone from being a university student with a part-time job, getting student finance every four months, to becoming a full-time employee with a monthly pay cheque. I feel like this is the part of university no one tells you about; what happens afterwards?

I will happily admit that I was extremely lucky with getting my job. A family friend asked if I wanted to help develop her nursery’s new art rooms and of course I said yes. Part-time turned to full-time and although child-care isn’t what I thought I’d be doing, I’m actually quite enjoying it. Let’s be real though, I’m actually quite enjoying the pay cheques. It’s very strange to me that I’m getting such a lump sum because this is the first time in my entire life (apart from a few months at summer) that I’m working full-time, at a proper job. I’m not just going to say “cya later, I’m off again” in a few months, I’m there for as long as they want me now! Money doesn’t seem like this massive issue anymore because I know that if I think I’m getting a little bit low on funds, I’ll be getting payed again in a few weeks, not a few months. I never struggled terribly at uni with money because I always had a part-time job and I wasn’t overly stupid with money (not in third year anyway) but now I can actually buy things without having to check my bank balance before-hand, it’s glorious!

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There are of course the down sides to working full-time and the biggest one of all: I’m shattered. For the last year or so of uni I can remember always saying that I couldn’t wait to just get a job, leave work and relax in the evening. But it doesn’t actually work like that, my evenings now are filled with all the things I couldn’t do in the day because I’ve been at work! I’m still trying to work out the life/work balance as recently I’ve barley known which way was up. My poor blog and socials have suffered because I’ve been exhausted in the evenings and then trying to make the most of the weekends. This will change, I promise!

Another difficulty is the early mornings. I’ve become much more of an early-bird as I’ve gotten older but anything before 6am is still quite painful, especially recently when I’ve gotten a horrendous cold and feel like death warmed up (please feel sorry for me). The other Monday on my break I scrolled through Facebook and saw that people I went to uni with were having lovely lay-in’s while I was sat at work. Seeing this made me so envious of their sleep but when this happens I look or think of something I want like a new bag, makeup or a trip and then look at my bank balance. This always makes me realise if I want those things I can’t just stay in bed all day, I’ve got to work (please don’t refrain from singing Rhianna or Fifth Harmony). Work motivation seems completely different from uni motivation; at university you’re working endlessly for months to get a couple off, at a job you work for 8 hours to get a few hours rest to then do it all over again.

Both university and full-time employment is HARD WORK, but I get so much satisfaction from a good day of grafting. I loved my university years, but I feel like I’m moving on to the next part of my life now. Don’t get me wrong, some days I want to scream into my pillow as my alarm goes off at 5:40am, but other days I leave with a genuine smile on my face. I mean, there’s only another 50 years of work to go…What a pleasant note to end on.

I hope you’re all doing well!


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3 thoughts on “From Poor-Student to Full-Time Employee

  1. John Aiwone says:

    Sounds like you’ve kind of embraced the transition from Uni to working in the “real world”, as I’d like to say, very realistically. Yes there’s been challenges and comparing yourself to how your Uni friends were doing must have been tempting but you’ve had an end goal (e.g. that bag) and it’s been your motivation.

    Serious props to you!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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