Holiday/Summer Essentials

So currently, if you didn’t already know, I’m sat tanning myself in Spain having a fab time with friends. I found packing for this holiday took SO much longer and I have absolutely no idea why, but I wanted to share what I think are some absolute holiday/summer must-haves. Some are of course obvious, but I love reading what other people take on holiday, we all secretly love being a little nosey.

The comfiest of shoes.

There is nothing worse than walking around sweating to death in a pair of shoes that are making your feet bleed. I always take my comfiest shoes on holiday as I go for all comfort and I found these beautiful espadrilles in Primark for only £6! They do of course look suspiciously like the Chanel espadrilles, but they cost £495 so what a bargain. I loved them so much I bought them in black too!


A big floppy hat

If you can’t be a little extra on holiday, when can you be!? I love wearing hats and take every opportunity to wear them. Floppy summer hats are my favourite because they’re just so much more dramatic and it also means I can wear my actual glasses instead of sunglasses all the time.


A big trend this year is of course glitter. I have been walking around like a glitter ball so far and I am loving it. Like I said, it’s the one time you can be as extra as you like so take the opportunity! Face gems are my favourite, especially these from The Gypsy Shrine because they’re so easy to apply and don’t budge.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Spray

In the heat I always carry a face spray with me as it helps just cool everything down and stop my makeup from running down my face. I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E one although sadly I think it’s now been discontinued (gutted). I also love their new face mists and would definitely recommend the Rose Dewy Glow one.

Sun Cream (obviously)

I’ve become really careful with my skin and always make sure I’m topped up with sun cream through the day. I’ve discovered how bad sun damage can be, so I try to keep on top of it. For my face this holiday I’ve been using a face cream from Malibu with an SPF 30 and then I have been using Superdrug’s own sun cream range as they have the highest UVA star rating and out preforms the top brands.

A nude over-shoulder bag

As well as my huge beach bag I always take a little nude bag on holiday for at night. I’ve found this cute little number from Primark is the perfect size to fit the essentials as well as being a great nude colour to fit with most outfits. We’ve got another dupe (of course) as the design is very ‘inspired’ by Gucci, but where as one of those will set you back around £885, this bag cost me about £8.

Baby powder.

Now then, all us girls who don’t have a thigh gap will know how important baby powder is on holiday. No-one wants the painful chafing half way through your holiday where you can barely walk. I take a little bottle with me always so that I can walk with ease with my chunky thighs.

There are a few of my holiday/summer essentials. I don’t know where I’d be without them, probably in a lot of pain somewhere. If you’re going on holiday and have different essentials let me know I’d love to hear about them!


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