July’s ‘Adventurous’ Birchbox


This post is a little late as we’re almost at the end of July, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on this month’s Birchbox anyway. With Birchbox this month they wanted to encourage us to “be bold and try something new”. It looks as though they too have been trying something new as this box isn’t their usual drawer-style but instead just a normal box. I’m a little disappointed and really hope this isn’t a permanent change because I love their drawer boxes as they are fantastic for storage. However though, even with the change in style the design on the box is still beautiful and I love the soft pastel pinks. Moving on from the box, let’s move on to what was actually in the box…


Manna Kadar, Long-Wear Powder – Trifecta (RRP £15) Full Size

This month we got to choose between the shades “Paradise” or “Trifecta”. I went for “Trifecta” which is a soft bronze shade because I thought I would get more use than a blush colour. They state that this multipurpose powder can be used on cheeks and eyes and I’d say that’s definitely true to an extent. I’ve loved using this as a transition eye shade and a contouring powder for my face as it isn’t quite dark enough for my skin tone to be used as a bronzer. The texture is very smooth and almost buttery, it applies really nicely and doesn’t go patchy at all. The powder does have good colour pay-off and decent longevity too.

heart rating 3

Eyeko, Fat Eye Stick – Satin (RRP £12) Full Size

I’ve recently got into using stick eyeshadows because they’re so easy and quick to apply and this is such a lovely metallic silver shade. In the little booklet it says “there’s no need to settle for creasing or disappearing cream shadows” which is unfortunate because this is what I got. Firstly, I do have to point out that in England we are currently experiencing a ridiculous heat-wave (is it still a heat wave if it’s been going on for months?) and I wore this when it was about 30C degrees out. Even so, I set this with a powder to give it a fighting chance but even still it creased almost instantly and within a few hours it had almost completely disappeared. I’ll be trying this out again when we have some cooler weather, but if you’re wanting a shimmer stick to take on holiday to a hot country, choose another.

heart rating 1.jpg

Balance Me, Congested Skin Serum (RRP £16) 7ml Sample Size

I love me a good skin serum, but I find it a little difficult to find ones that actually work, well of course this one DOES. I could tell a difference in my skin just one or two days after using this every morning under my moisturiser. My breakouts were disappearing and my complexion looked a lot more even. The formula has a very fresh scent and I’m almost positive there’s some tee-tree or citrus oil in there which I know is amazing for your skin. I’m really considering buying the full-sized product as I loved it so much.

heart rating 5.jpg

BeautyPro, Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask (RRP £4.95) 1 Pack Sample

Another skin care, another product I absolutely LOVED. These gel masks felt so refreshing and they really stuck to your face, so you didn’t have to just lay there for 20 minutes. I could tell a difference straight away; my 7 suit-case eye bags had gone down to just hand-luggage! I’ll definitely be buying a pack of these.

heart rating 5

What’s in it for me..?, Shower Scrub (RRP £7) 50ml Sample Size

I’m a bit iffy with shower scrubs because I don’t like them to be too harsh on my skin, but this was actually really lovely and gentle. It didn’t feel like it was rubbing my skin away or anything like that, my skin felt truly cleansed and fresh after use. The mixture of walnuts, orange and jasmine flower make the most gorgeous scent and it’s microbead free!

heart rating 4

Over-all it’s been a mixed bag this month, full of hits and misses. I think because last month’s box was absolutely wonderful I’m just a little disappointed but, FOR THE FIRST TIME, there finally wasn’t a pointless hair mask! There are products I’, actaulyl wanting to carry on using and purchase so I’d call tis box a success.

What do you think to this months Birchbox? Havne’t tried it yet? CLICK HERE and get your first box HALF PRICE.


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