July’s GlossyBox: Holiday Beauty


This month GlossyBox was getting us ready for summer, bringing us “the delights of the tropics”. The box design is so pretty and unique, giving under the sea summer vibes. Let’s dive straight in…


Senhor Do Bonfim, Sea Water Hair Spray (RRP £16) Full Size 50ml

I used to use sea salt sprays all the time and this looked like a nice one to try. I have a naturally frizzy top layer of hair, where the bottom goes into lovely waves and curls so I was hoping (and praying) a few spritz of this would make my whole head look like it belonged on the same person. It recommends to spritz onto damp hair to gain ‘beachy mermaid waves’ and that is what I was promised, what I got was an enhanced frizzy mess. I can’t tell that this product did anything at all, maybe a little less frizzy but nowhere near beach waves.

heart rating 0.jpg

Palmers, Coconut Oil Body Lotion (RRP £5.75) Deluxe Mini 50ml

I think everyone and their dog has used or at least heard of Palmers coconut lotion. The coconut smell is glorious, especially in summer. It’s smooth, moisturising and is “bursting with vitamin E”, so all round it’s just great. For having in my handbag it’s a fantastic size as unfortunately I’ll only be able to use it as a hand-cream and on small areas of dryness as it isn’t quite strong enough to tackle my eczema.

heart rating 4.jpg

Hawaiian Tropic, Duo Defence Sun Lotion SPF 30 (RRP £14.99) Sachet Sample 7.4ml

As a little ‘treat’ in this months box they have added a sun lotion sample and it couldn’t have come at a better time as we’re currently going through a (2 months long) heat-wave. The lotion feels very moisturising and sinks into the skin well. However, it says to “reapply frequently”, how am I meant to do that with a 7.4ml sample??

heart rating 3.jpg

Essence, I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof (RRP £2.80) Full Size 12ml

I’ve heard great things about all of the Essence mascaras and I’m a bit unsure about how I feel about this one. For starters the brush is HUGE so you’ve got to be ridiculously careful so you don’t get it all over and end up looking like a panda. It gives an enhanced natural look; it’s not overly volumizing but does give good length to the lashes. I tested just how waterproof it was by dunking my head into a bowl of water (how sophisticated) and it surprisingly didn’t run down my face at all. The formula became a bit bitty and had a little fall-out through the day, but it lasted a decent enough time.

heart rating 3

Inuwet, Cheek Shell Brush (RRP £13.20) Full Size

First of all, how flipping cute is this brush?! The bristles are super soft and are a great shape for applying crème contours and highlights. I personally wouldn’t blend with this brush too much because of its shape but for application it’s lovely and makes such a pretty addition to my brush collection. The bristles are also very easy to clean while maintaining their shape and colour.

heart rating 4

Regenerate, Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste (RRP £10) Deluxe Mini 14ml

I must admit, I got far too excited that they sent me a tooth paste as I’m a little obsessed with keeping my teeth healthy. This toothpaste claims to “regenerate enamel and reverse the early erosion process”. I of course can’t tell if this toothpaste has actually managed that unless I get a dentist appointment, but my teeth did feel healthy after using the product and gave a lasting minty-ness.

heart rating 4

All in all, it was a mixed bag (or box) this month. There were some lovely additions like the shell brush and other products I’ll probably be giving away (definitely the sea salt spray).

Have you tried this months GlossyBox? What did you think to it?

Fancy trying GlossyBox for yourself? Click here to get your first box price half price (that’s just £5!)


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