Beauty’s Biggest Myth: Face Shaving

Let’s just get it out there; ladies, shaving your face is not weird. A couple of months ago I watched Amber Scholl’s video on how she shaves her face and I was so confused. For years (probably my whole life) I’ve been told you should NEVER shave your face, that it will make the hairs grow faster and darker, basically saying you’ll have a beard. So, I decided to do a little research to find out what was fact and what was just a myth and I was SHOOK. Now when my eczema flairs up I have to put some pretty strong cream on some sensitive areas of my face and as they have steroids in, they began to affect my little peach fuzz (we all have it on our cheeks…unless you shave it) so I’d been contemplating hair removal for a little while.


When I told people I was thinking about shaving my face they all said “don’t do it, it will grow back ever thicker!” and this seems to be the most common myth. So here it is; when you shave any part of your body, it does NOT affect the hair molecule. They are layers beneath the skin, of course they can’t affect them! When you shave you are cutting at the base of the hair, which is thicker, so when it re-grows it might at first look thicker but it actually hasn’t changed at all.

As this was holding me back the most, after I found out it wasn’t true I went out and got myself a little No!No! 4 in 1 Perfection Trimmer and it is one of my favourite purchases ever. Instead of cutting the root of the hair it leaves a tiny tip so yes there is a little texture but that means during re-growth the hair doesn’t appear any thicker than normal. It’s so fantastically simple to use I love it and it comes with a smaller head for when you want to be a little more precise. Shaving my peach fuzz has made so much difference I wish I’d have done it sooner. My complexion looks a lot better and make-up applies so much better and easier now too. I’ve experimented using the No!No! on my eyebrows and upper lip too and can confirm that it is great for those mornings where you forgot to wax and are running late to work already.


I decided to go for the nono! instead of regular razors because it is designed specifically for sensitive areas like the face. My skin can become sensitive when I use a razor (even after shaving my legs for about 10 years) so I didn’t want to damage the skin on my face in this way.

One point of caution I will point out that if you are thinking about shaving your face, do a little research, make sure you actually want to and how. Once you start, you can’t really stop. I touch up my face every 1-2 weeks and I don’t have a problem with this as it’s so easy it literally takes a couple of minutes max. However, if you think you won’t do the up-keep I wouldn’t bother as it won’t be that much of an issue for you. I’ve been using this little shaver for a few months now and have absolutely no regrets, if you’re seriously thinking about starting I would 100% recommend the nono!.

Do you shave your face? If so, what do you use?

If you wanna grab a No!No! 4 in 1 Perfection Trimmer, click here where it’s only £19.99!


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7 thoughts on “Beauty’s Biggest Myth: Face Shaving

  1. Antonymous says:

    Hi, how are you? I agree that it definitely shouldn’t grow back thicker, and for most people saying so, it can explained differently, with them growing up and yeah, getting hairier during the time they start shaving, but not because of it or the blunt tip which make it bristlier. Though I’ve always been curious on why hair waits to be shaved or trimmed to grow back in our body, keeping otherwise its relatively short length, if hair doesn’t know when it’s cut. It may be about the follicle nerves (:.
    But I’d ask you then why you can’t stop once you start, if hair doesn’t grow thicker, cause at most it would grow back the same, I’d say. Just curious, as not that it’s such a big deal to commit on shaving regularly a new zone of the body, personally I’ve never been afraid of that, as it’s just about taking care, like shaving your legs or, for a man shaving face or even just neck if you grow a beard a want it trimmed and elegant, or shaving shoulders and other zones where hair is superfluous or “excess”.
    See you soon.


  2. Antonymous says:

    Hi, I just had a curiousity on why you can’t really stop shaving? If I said something wrong I’m sorry, but I’d want to remedy. As my comment didn’t appear yet.


    • Lauren Morton says:

      Hi, sorry I hadn’t managed to reply. The only reason I would suggest being fully invested and carrying on if you’ve started is because you begin to notice a difference, especially in the way makeup applies. Hope you’re having a lovely day xx


      • Antonymous says:

        Hey, thanks for your kind reply and no problem. I agree on the makeup thing, besides being a guy I’m maybe not very experienced in that, but I like to “manscape”, so to say and to take care of some zones regularly, especially in summer, but fuzz might get in the way of makeup and shaving can help and it’s not a big deal, but a simple choice like another (:.
        My other curiousity in the other message was how hair seems to know when to grow back, as while it’s true that a few short recently shed hair growing among fully grown ones, when we shave we notice most of them are growing at the same time, up to the old length.
        Keep going with your site.


      • Antonymous says:

        I hope it’s not a problem if I’m a guy, kidding 🙂 I think nowadays is to some extent a good think that we take more care of ourselvels in general, which is also positive on the health and well being side of things. While I think women get to have more well due casual days and more individual style variety.
        Was a genuine curiousity, if you don’t mind asking again. How does hair seem to realize it has been cut and grow back?


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