Revolution X Soph ‘Extra Spice’ Review

It’s really no secret that one of my absolute favourite beauty brands is Revolution (formally Makeup Revolution), so when I saw the new Soph x Revolution pallet you best believe I was excited. Now I’m not normally one to sit by my laptop waiting for a product to be launched so that I can be one of the first to add it to my basket but that’s exactly what I found myself doing the morning of this products launch. I’ve followed Soph on Youtube for a little while now and as much as I loved the look of her first pallet I already had the shades in other palettes I already owned, but with her new ‘extra spice’ palette there are some gorgeous unique shades I couldn’t wait to have.


Firstly, the packaging is lovely; the exterior is a reflective rose gold with ‘Soph’ written in a pale nude to match the base, while inside there is a huge mirror covering the top half (the perfect size to be able to see your whole face, not just a slither). The names of the shades are now printed directly onto the palette instead of on an insert which I love so you can keep track of exactly which colours you’re using for a look. Inside there are 18 fantastic quality eyeshadows, ranging from neutrals to shimmers, cool tones to warm tones.


You can do so many different looks with this one palette and that’s why I bought it. I’ve been looking for a palette that has a mixture of shades to take away with me so that I don’t have to take 13 different palettes. As well as having a good mixture of shades, the quality is fantastic. I experienced very little fall-out with the shadows and the pigmentation is so good, I was especially surprised at the mattes which are just as pigmented as the shimmers (very rare). I find the shimmer shades ‘dreams’ and ‘infinity’ to be a little on the chunky side but none of the others are. I’m unsure whether they are the same formula as the rest, but they’re still good shades. They have good longevity and they didn’t fade in slightest, even through the heatwave were currently experiencing in the UK.


With the palette they also released three nude lipsticks in the shades ‘fudge’, ’syrup’ and ‘cake’. I have so many nude lipsticks already that I thought getting all three would be a little excessive so just I tested out ‘cake’ to try the formula first. I regret not getting the other two shades and will definitely be purchasing them because this formula is fantastic. I’m so happy she’s released a lipstick instead of a liquid lipstick as I find them much comfier and this was no exception. The shade is a lovely pinky-nude, super creamy formula and with one swipe my lips were done. The pigmentation is so high that for just FOUR POUNDS, how can you not?! Lipsticks will never stay on your lips all day but it did have a pretty good wear time and I only had to re-apply a couple of times through the day.


I really can’t praise this collection enough, I honestly feel like this is my favourite beauty purchase of the year so far. For the price the quality is beyond, the packaging is beautiful and they are just fantastic products that are now staples in my collection.


If you want to get your hands on any of the products from this collection click here!

Have your tried any of this collection? What did you think?



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