Battle of The Beauty Boxes: The Results

Through this month I’ve been trying out three of the biggest beauty boxes to see which is really the best of the bunch. As I’ve reviewed each box individually I thought it would be useful to do a comparison all together to compare cost, delivery, packaging and the products to see which comes out on top.

Cost and Delivery

I ordered each box on the first of the month and Look Fantastic was the first to arrive, just a couple of days after I placed the order. This was the most expensive box costing £15 (with free delivery) and I got updates on my parcel and knew what day it would be arriving. GlossyBox was the next to arrive a couple of days later and I had no idea it was on its way, they didn’t send an email to tell me it had been dispatched or anything (thank god my neighbour was in to take it). This was the cheapest of the bunch at just £8 (including delivery) as I got my first month’s box for half price. As I have a continued subscription to Birchbox I was a little disappointed that it was the last to arrive but only by a few days. This box was £12.95 including delivery and I always get an email telling me than my box has been dispatched and it usually comes one or two days after.

All three boxes had pretty good delivery times and I wouldn’t complain about any of them, although a dispatch email from Glossybox would have been useful.



Look Fantastic’s packaging had a luxurious feel to it with the complimentary copy of Elle magazine, pretty tissue paper and a beautiful big box. Glossybox was very similar in that the box is very good quality and the tissue paper and ribbon is a lovely touch. Birchbox’s usually come in a cardboard drawer but this month it was a pretty little tin. I liked how this is reusable and a unique idea.

Although Birchbox’s tin is unique to this month, I do still find it the best packaging. All three come with an insert telling you what’s in each box but Look Fantastic’s was a little vague where Glossybox and Birchbox’s tell you how much the full-sized items cost, what sizes you have and how to use them.



Until now all three have been pretty even but what’s inside the boxes is the most important part. Look Fantastic included the most with 7 process, followed by Birchbox with 6 and Glossybox with 5. I feel like in the Look Fantastic box the products were more high-end but they were also not suited to me very well and I only ended up liking 1 or two products. The sample sizes for most were good but there was a lot of skin and hair care products and only one beauty product. Birchbox had a nice mixture of beauty, skin and hair care products and, despite the hair mask, I’m really happy with all of them although I feel like the sample sizes could be a little bigger.

I liked all the products in the Glossybox, apart from the hair mask, and felt like for 3 out of 5 of them to be full-sized products was really good value for money even though it had less items than the other boxes. Even the sample sizes were really decent out of this box so you could really test out the products well enough to know whether they worked for you or not.


In conclusion what really sets these boxes apart are the products inside of them. For Birchbox and Gossybox you have a beauty profile so they can match the products in your box to best suit your needs. I feel like this really helped in comparison to Feel Fantastic as I felt like most of the products in the box were useless to me and ill-suited, especially when it was the most expensive. I would say that the winner of this experiment was Glossybox. All but one product in the box was great and suited me really well. The sample sizes were great and I really feel like it is the best value for money from these boxes. In very, very close second is Birchbox and in far-away last is Look Fantastic. I have cancelled my Look Fantatsci subscription but, I’m looking forward to seeing what Birchbox and Glossybox have in store for July.

To try GlossyBox, and to get a nice little discount, click here,

To try Birchbox with 50% off your first box, click here.


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