Battle of The Beauty Boxes: Birchbox


This is the last box of my battle of the beauty boxes and it’s Birchbox, who was actually the last to arrive by just a day. This is my 6th Birchbox so I’m going to try to be as un-biased as I possibly can as it’s the only box that I have a standing subscription with. I must say though, the packaging is the prettiest out of all them (trying really hard not to be biased here). To celebrate their 5th birthday in the UK, instead of their usual cardboard boxes, they sent out these adorable keepsake tins with the theme of this month being the Great British tea party. Now I know the cute tin is a one-off but every month they bring new and beautifully designed boxes. As well as the tin, because after 6 months you automatically become a Birchbox VIP, they also sent me a holographic make-up bag which I love and will definitely be taking on holiday with me. Let’s get on to what was inside…


ModelCo, Eye Define Crayon Liner (RRP £11) full-sized

I’m not a huge pencil liner wearer, but I appreciate having them for when I do feel like wearing them. This liner is super black, extremely opaque and I appreciate a twist-up so I don’t have to keep sharpening it all the time. It has a wear-time of about 7 hours which I think is pretty good, especially for a pencil. It won’t be the most used product in my collection but I’ll certainly be reaching for it when I want to make my eyes a little more defined.


Whittard of Chelsea, Earl Grey, Mango & Bergamot and Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags

I flipping love tea! This is possibly the most excited I’ve ever been about any product I’ve gotten from any subscription box, and this was a bonus gift inside everyone’s box this month. I love fruit teas as well as good old breakfast and earl grey. I think it’s a lovely little mixture of flavours and a good way of getting more people to try fruit teas. They all taste fantastic, with my favourite being the Mango & Bergamot for its fruity and refreshing taste.


Pro Blo Group, MaskME – Hydrating Hair Mask (RRP £8) sample size one mask

Yet another hair mask. What is it with beauty boxes and flipping hair masks?! Will this be the one that works and makes my hair feel like gold? No, what a shock. First, the smell is very, very strong and almost off-putting. Secondly, the sample size is far too small. My hair may be short but it’s still very thick and I don’t think this even covered half my head. It just made no difference what so ever, my hair felt exactly the same; just as healthy, just as soft. Literally no difference.

Number 4 Jour d’automne, Smoothing Balm (RRP £24.50) sample size 30ml

Another hair product, I think we know how I was feeling before I even tried this. Luckily though, this is not a hair mask (HURRAY), you run it through damp hair and it is supposed to tame your hair’s frizzyness as well as heat-protecting. As a girl with un-tameable natural hair and who has tried multiple anti-frizz products, I wasn’t optimistic. Negative Nelly over here shouldn’t have judged so quickly though because I could actually see a very visible difference in just one use. I probably used too much for how short my hair is now (still getting used to it), but with the decent sample size I’ll be getting quite a few uses out of it and (maybe) even purchasing the full-sized. It’s left my hair feeling quite soft and a hell of a lot less frizzy.


Polaar, Velvety Sun Fluid Face & Body SPF30 (RRP £25) sample size 20ml

An SPF cream is always in my daily skincare routine to help protect my skin and I try to get the best possible protection. This cream looked promising at first, it says it has UVA and UVB protection as well as SPF 30 (fab) but it doesn’t have a star rating so I’m not 100% sure how effective it is. This made me a little wary of using it because my daily one has a five-star rating so I didn’t have a clue what I was putting on my face. As a product it’s nice; it has the typical sun-cream smell but it reminds me of being on holiday so I’m not mad at it. It sunk in to my skin pretty nicely, it wasn’t greasy feeling at all and didn’t affect my eczema. The sample size is a little small, especially as it says this is for your face and body, not a chance I’d get more than one use out of it if I was putting it all over me, but for popping it in your handbag it’s decent. I obviously can’t tell how effective this cream is, but I won’t be using it on a daily basis because I don’t want to be unsure about what I’m putting on my face.


Ella Eden, Compact Eyeshadow – Julia (RRP £12.99) full-sized

This month we got to choose between two shades of eyeshadow, but I forgot to reply to the email  so it was just luck that I got the one I wanted (from the most un-lucky person). I always prefer a light shimmer as I normally use them for just centre-lid, inner corner and brow bone highlights. The shade is a lovely soft pink and it’s a hell of a lot more pigmented than I thought it was going to be. Applying it with the tip of my finger gave a tonne more pigment than using a brush and it had really good staying power, it didn’t lose its shimmer at all through the day. Definitely happy with this product, it’s a great colour, good pigment and I’ll actually use it really often.

I thought I’d be able to tell you which is my favourite box by the end of this post, but I really can’t tell. I loved (almost) all of the products in this box so it would be unfair to say it wasn’t up their with GlossyBox. The tea and tin have definitely swayed me way more than I thought they would. My next post will be a final comparision accroos all three boxes so there will (hopefully) be a winner.

Have you tried Birchbox? What did you get in this month’s box? If you want to try it out for yourself, follow this link and you can get a nice 50% discount off of your first box!


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