Battle of The Beauty Boxes: GlossyBox


In the battle of the beauty boxes, the next to arrive was GlossyBox. GlossyBox is a new one for me but I’ve seen tonnes of you lovely lot rave about how good they are. This month they went with a French Rivera theme, bringing you the essentials for becoming a sophisticated, French beach babe. This box was the cheapest of the bunch at just £8, including delivery, as I got my first box at half price (normally £10 and £3.25 delivery). There were 5 items in the box with 3 of them being full size so we’re already off to a good start as that’s amazing value to me. The box is super pretty with tissue paper wrapping, very similar to the Look Fantastic box. Let’s just jump straight in to where I tell you about what was inside:


Nip+Fab, Glycolic Fix Scrub (RRP £9.95) 50ml sample size

I have of course heard of Nip+Fab before and have tried some of their products but not their Glycolic Fix Scrub. I’ve tried Glycolic products so I was almost sure it wouldn’t irritate my skin, and it didn’t! It was surprisingly gentle on my sensitive skin and it didn’t make me have a break-out afterwards. The scrub itself is really nice and smooth when you apply it and it has a lovely grape-fruity scent. Products like this I like to use when I don’t have any break-outs to prolong having clear skin but I wouldn’t recommend using this when you do have irritated skin as it may cause it to worsen. The sample size is only 15ml smaller than the actual size so I was really happy with that for a good product that I’ll definitely be using regularly.

Monu Skin, Eye Cool Gel (RRP £24.95) full size

I flipping love an eye cream because I find they seem to be the one piece of skincare, cheap or expensive, that always actually works. This eye gel works fantastically to reduce puffiness and my dark circles, bringing me back from the dead in the mornings. I didn’t realise this was a full-size at first because the packing on the little leaflet in the box is different but as long as I’m getting the same amount of product, I’m not too bothered about the bottles appearance.


Novex, Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask (RRP £11.95) 100ml sample size

If you’ve read some of my previous reviews, you will know that I can never get on with hair masks, there is always something that lets it down. I tried to be optimistic and I’m not sure whether I was just using too little of this product for my thick hair, but it just didn’t seem to do anything. It didn’t make my hair feel less frizzy or hydrated, it just made it feel un-conditioned. The sample size is a generous amount of product but I just couldn’t make it work for my hair. Another hair mask bites the dust.


Wilkinson Sword, Intuition f.a.b Razor (RRP £12) full size

A razor that goes both ways, it blew my mind far more than it should have. I kept forgetting I could use it both ways because it felt so unnatural, but in a good way. It’s a very effective razor giving me silky smooth legs in seconds however, I’m used to a razor that has a moisturising panel around it which I felt this was really missing. Apart from that though it really did make shaving a hell of a lot quicker, but you can only really use it on your under-arms and legs, if you know what I’m saying….


Laritzy Cosmetics, Shade Stix (RRP £18) full size

I’m always open to a contour stick from these boxes as it’s a product I know I’ll actually use. This one from Laritzy has a super smooth formula so it glides on the skin really well and blends effortlessly. It has a great shade so I think it would suit a large range of skin tones too. It’s another full size and another product I’ll actually continue to use.

This box was SO MUCH better than the Look Fantastic box, it had a couple more high-street names compared, but it also had products in that I’ll actually use and that are of great quality. For the price I’d 100% recommend trying out this box compared to the Look Fantastic box. I was really happy with the delivery, it came just a day after the previous one, the packaging is lovely and the products inside (apart from the hair mask) were all pretty great.

Have you tried this month’s GlossyBox? If you’re wanting to try it out yourself follow this link to try it out and get yourself a nice little discount too!


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