Battle of The Beauty Boxes: Look Fantastic

A few months ago, I started receiving Birchbox’s and I was happy with them but I wanted to test out the three main runners in beauty boxes: Birchbox, GlossyBox and Look Fantastic and see how they compare, which is best value for your money?


I ordered them all on the first of the month and Look Fantastic was the first box to arrive just 3 working days after. The box is lovely and good quality so I’ll be finding another use for it afterwards. As well as 7 products inside you get a booklet explaining what’s inside and a copy of Elle magazine which I think is a nice little touch, if you read magazines, which I don’t. I find they’re just a bunch of adverts that will look nice in a flat-lay but have no other use. Anyway, this box is the most expensive at £15 with free postage, so what was inside?


Elemis, Superfood Facial Wash (RRP £25) 30 ml sample size

I’ve heard a lot about Elemis products so I was happy this was in the box so I could finally get around to trying it. The product has a very strong smell of tee tree but it isn’t unpleasant, it smells clean and quite nice. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and left my face feeling clean, but would I buy the full size? Probably not, I know this brand is really hyped about but is it honestly better than the wash I already use that I chose specifically for my skin type? Nah.

Rituals, The Ritual of Dao Body Cream (RRP £19.50) 70ml sample size

I actually really, really hate when they send body creams because what can you say about them if they’re alright? It didn’t make my skin feel like it was about to peel off but it didn’t make me feel like a new-born either, it was just alright. It’s a good sample size but I won’t be purchasing the full size as I don’t use body creams, I use a prescribed one I know works for me.


Madara, SOS Hydra Moisture & Radiance Mask (RRP £35) 12.5ml sample size

I thought this sample was going to be so much bigger because of the box but it was actually teeny, who puts 12.5ml in a sample? The bottle felt like it was missing half of the product already but when it eventually came out it felt quite nice. I had a tiny breakout on my forehead and this just seemed to amplify the redness. The rest of my skin was fine but I wouldn’t say this made me look any more ‘radiant’ than before. On the box it suggests using twice weekly, and that’s all I’ve gotten out of this sample. I definitely won’t be wasting £35 on the full size when there are masks that do a much better job for a much better price.


Christiphe Robin, Cleansing Volumising Paste With Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extract (RRP £42.50) sample size 40ml

Another product I’ve seen going around the blogosphere that I wanted to test out. Through all the posts I’ve seen about this brand and product I’d never seen what the product inside actually looked like, and now I understand why. The brown goo isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing so even I’ve left it to the imagination. Whoever did the product design of this, well done; you made it look like an 8 when it’s really a 2 (being very generous). The product’s smell of roses is very artificial and overpowering, it’s a headache causer, and then when you ‘try’ to put it in your hair it feels like cement scraping through. The booklet suggests you leave this on for around 10 minutes but I couldn’t last that long. My hair was in good condition before and this made it feel so dry and a gritty mess, I had to re-wash it, using double the amount of conditioner. I don’t normally throw products away after just one use, I usually give them at least a second shot, but this is going straight in the bin.


Studio 10, Liquid Foil I-Radiance

The only full-sized product I got in this box was a foil liquid eyeshadow. I don’t think I could have been more annoyed because I really don’t like liquid eyeshadows, I don’t like when I can feel make-up on my skin. However, it is a nice product; it has good pigmentation, it dries quickly and it has some decent staying power. I just really don’t like the feeling of it on my eye lids, it’s not for me, but if you do, I’d definitely give this a go. Unfortunately though I couldn’t find this product ANYWHERE to buy separately, even on the Studio 10 or Look Fantastic sites, so I can’t even tell you how much this is to buy.


Vita Liberata, Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion (RRP £19.50) 50ml sample size

I love a gradual tanner because I find they don’t make my eczema flair up like instant ones so I was very pleased to get this and it’s a very good sample size (finally, something I like! And can use!). It applied quite nicely, the colour developed well, I’m not a steaky mess and I didn’t get it all over. I would actually buy the full-size of this if my others ran out so at least the box had one success.

Real Chemistry, Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream. (MSRP £6)

I’m not entirely sure I was even meant to get this because it’s nowhere in the little booklet that tells you what everything is, but it’s here. Not much of it is here, but it’s here. On the back of the packaging it says that the MSRP is $10/£6, so do they actually sell this tiny little 10ml size? Do people actually buy it? Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad product, it’s just not a great one either. Would I say it gave me a supple, luminous glow like the packaging promises? No, but it did moisturise my face quite nicely. I think I’ll be sticking to my normal moisturiser, which is an actual product size.


When I first opened the Look Fantastic box I was really impressed because I got 7 products, the most out of all three, but when I properly looked there was only one full sized product. There isn’t one product (apart from the gradual tanner that I might purchase if I run out of all my others) that I would use over and over again or purchase the full-size of. I like a mixture of beauty, skincare and hair care but for there to only be one beauty product I find really poor. After trying all the products out I’m actually quite disappointed and I’ve already cancelled my subscription for this box. I will say that in this box there were more luxury brands than I was expecting, but for me it wasn’t good value for money. Hopefully one of the other boxes will be better (can it get much worse?).

Have you tried these boxes? Let me know!


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