What’s In My Bag|Chloe Dupe?

Happy Sunday lovelies! I hope if you’re in the UK reading this, that you’re enjoying the sunshine while we have it! I thought I’d come back with a ‘What’s in my bag’ post because i love reading these as i’m a super nosey person and that’s okay. So here’s the essentials I carry around every day.


Firstly, the bag. I have a *slight* obsession with bags, they’re too pretty not to buy. This post is in collaboration with Boutique of Molly, who I originally found from http://stephloves.co.uk and loved the bag she got from them, so I was super happy when they wanted to collab. I got their ‘Florence’ bag because it looks just a little like Chloe’s Faye bags which I love, but where as they will set you back £1,280, this beauty from BOM is only £30! I have worn this bag endlessly since I got it, especially through these past summery days because it’s a perfect colour for spring too. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the quality is really good, even the metal hardware and suede on the front. The strap is detachable too so you can wear it just as a clutch, which I know I will be doing. If you’re wanting either their ‘Florence’ bag like me, or any of their other beautiful items, use the code LOLLY20 and get yourself 20% off your order!


Right so what do I carry around every day in the beautiful bag? I won’t lie, I had to take a lot of receipts out to even find out what was in there. I have a problem, moving on. I loose track of where and what I’m meant to be doing all the time, so I have to write everything in my diary which is always with me. People that know me even relatively well will know I absolutely love penguins, they’re my favourite animal, of course they’re on my diary. So cute.

Obviously I have to have my purse but, just like bags, I have too many. At the moment I’m using my lovely Michael Kors brown zip-around. I’m not a labels addict by any means, I’m a high-street gal, but I love simple designs that aren’t fussy so this is just my current favourite to use.

I always have to have chewing gum/mints and perfume in my bag because I’m completely obsessed with smelling nice. You know when you walk past someone and they smell nice, I think it makes life a little nicer, or is that just me? Next’s ‘Just Pink’ is my favourite fragrance at the minute, it’s floral and summery which is what I tend to go for in a perfume. The packaging is beautiful, and really goes well with the bag, not that I coordinated that… Hair bobbles, grips and clips are also essential, especially at uni when my hair’s flying all over the damn place.

My favourite lipstick ever, and the one I carry around every day without fail, is Rimmel’s Kate Moss line in shade Nude 45. I’ve never found a shade or formula I loved as much as this one. I recently had a panic because I couldn’t find this anywhere and thought they’d discontinued the line but like a miracle it seems to be back and I’ve restocked. If it was ever discontinued I don’t know what I’d do, probably buy 100.

That’s everything I carry around with me daily, I also carry around keys of course but who wants to hear about the piece of metal that opens my door? What does everyone else carry with them? Let me know. Also, don’t forget to use LOLLY20 on https://www.boutiqueofmolly.com/ for 20% off.


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