The Worst Masks For Sensitive Skin

I’ve recently become addicted to skincare, but there are worse things to become addicted to. Rodial is a high-end brand and I’ve heard loads about them so I was super excited to test their Dragon’s Blood Eye and Lip Masks.


First of all, they’re absolutely packed with product, so much that it spurted out when I opened the packets and got it everywhere. There’s plastic on both sides of the masks as they’re EXTREAMLY thin so where they’re on, they’re on and you’ve got to just pray you’ve got them in the right position because they stick to the skin so quickly. There isn’t any moving them once they’re on.

On the packaging it says to always do a patch test with this product as it might not be suitable for sensitive skin, so I did. My skin didn’t seem to react so I went ahead and popped them on. The burning/tingling started about 5 minutes in (it advises to keep the eye mask on for half an hour and the lip mask for 15 minutes). I powered through thinking it must just be some active plumping ingredients. I kept the lip mask on for the whole 15 minutes but I can honestly say it did absolutely nothing. The burning sensation intensified under my eyes so I had to take the eye mask off at the same time too. This also did absolutely nothing. It made my skin break-out terribly and it’s only just recovering. They didn’t hydrate or tone my skin like they promise, I’ll be sticking to using concealer to get rid of my dark under-eyes (and now my blemishes thanks to these masks).

I was expecting so much more from this brand. For a box of 8, of either mask, it’ll cost you £39. If you have sensitive skin don’t waste your money. I’m presuming they’ll be okay on normal skin as other people I’ve asked loved them. But for £39, I couldn’t see a difference in my skin at all and it actually made it worse.

Have you tried these masks? what did you think to them? Let me know!



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