Handling My Sensitive/Eczema Skin

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know I have super, ridiculously sensitive skin. And if this is the first post of mine you’re reading, I have super, ridiculously sensitive skin. I’ve spent the majority of my life trying (and mostly failing) to find skincare that works for me, as for years doctors prescribed me with moisturisers with an ingredient called Lanolin in, which it turns out I have a strong sensitivity to. Literally only learnt this a few years ago when a doctor actually took the time to look through my prescriptions and ever since my eczema has lightened up so much! When I was younger there were times I actually had to have days off of school because it hurt so much to move. I even tried some weird Chinese tea thing that was supposed to cure my eczema, what a surprise it didn’t work. Some of the things I still get told on a daily basis are:

  • “Have you tried E45?” YES I HAVE AND IT’S AWFUL
  • “Oh you should drink more water” water will not completely re-build my skin’s structure,
  • “You’ll grow out of it” at 21 years old, it’s looking unlikely,
  • “Try not to itch” great advice, hadn’t tried that,

If you suffer with sensitive skin/eczema you’ll have heard it all before. I’ve found just knowing your own skin and listening to it will help you figure out what’s best for your skin because there isn’t one person the same. I’ve got my skin care and triggers down now so I can control it so much better, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range is a lifesaver. I know that when I’m stressed or anxious it flares up badly, so I try to stay as calm as possible and not leave my uni work until the very last minute anymore. If you’re finding nothing’s working I highly recommend getting another doctor’s opinion.

I’d love to hear about your own skin sensitivities and how you’ve dealt with it! Also, for my next post I want you to get to know me a little better with a Q&A so leave your questions in the comments, tweet them, DM me, let me know!



4 thoughts on “Handling My Sensitive/Eczema Skin

  1. hannahslifediaries says:

    Okay, first off, how adorable is that darn bear?!

    I suffer from eczema, maybe not as much not as I did back in school, but occasionally I still have small breakouts. Mainly elbows, inner elbows (is that what they are called? I prefer elbow pits! Ha) and legs. When I do have a breakout it’s not as easy as adding a bit of E45 and ignoring the constant itching as people think it is.

    I’d say I’m pretty lucky as I’ve not really got sentive skin (it’s just hella dry, even after moisturising most of the time)

    I can’t think of an ending for this comment. It seems I’ve drivelled on, so bye! Xx


  2. brokedownvanity says:

    Eczema is a hereditary thing, it is in your genetics. Not something that can actually ever be cured.

    I have heard similar things from people, and while they seem to like to give their opinions, they don’t like to heard the facts when you let them know what eczema really is.

    I use The Body Shop as well, one of the few places with a lot of products that don’t make me flare. They use to have this oatmeal bath soak that was really good. Haven’t seen it at my local stores in a while, so probably got phased out. I used it in the summer.

    I kind of prattled on a bit, but the line where you say you have a good idea as to what triggers it and how you have a solid routine now, that is what any of us sufferers can hope for. We are all different, and there are so many factors too.

    “Try not to Itch” – haha, laughable. My mom use to pin oven mitts to my jammies, so I wouldn’t itch in my sleep. So a night itcher. My husband just pins my blankets under me so I can’t move during sleep. Go to sleep a sprawled out butterfly ad wake up a cocoon. Sort of backwards.


  3. sierraleonegirl says:

    I also have sensitive skin and suffer from severe allergic reactions to most products, it’s hard finding products that work and don’t cause scarring. My mom used to make products for me but she’s been busy with work as of late so I’ve had to start looking for products myself. So far I’ve been unlucky, last product I tried caused a severe allergic reaction that’s been healing slowly over they last 5 months.


  4. emmalillybeauty says:

    This is the most relatable post I have ever read – THANK YOU! I have super sensitive skin and I used to have bad eczema too. E45 sucked for me too and it’s pretty hard not too itch your skin! I struggled so much to find products that worked for me and eventually I found a natural, inexpensive lotion that rescued my skin. I recently wrote a post on my skin journey and why I love this product and it would be great if you could check it out xxx

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