Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Collection

If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I’m a complete Makeup Revolution addict. When they released their 12 Days of Christmas box it sold out so fast I couldn’t get my hands on it! But when it was on Tam Beauty at HALF PRICE I knew it was a sign I just had to get it. So, I know we’re in March, but I’ve had so many people asking me about it, if I thought it was good or not, that I thought why not put it on here even if it is 3 months late? The packaging is beautiful, it all comes in a lovely black box with rose-gold detailing on the top. Inside it says “You can never have too much makeup” and never have truer words been spoken!


Aqua Priming Base and Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray

Let’s get the ‘boring’ parts out of the way first. These sprays give a lovely sprits so it doesn’t feel like you’re just throwing water at your face. I love using a primer water and this is one of my favourites, it really freshens the face and gives a good base for make-up. The fixing spray holds my make-up in place all day and doesn’t budge, even through the horrible wind, rain and snow we’re still experiencing in the UK in March.


Focus & Fix Eye primer

For eye primer I usually use Maybelline Colour Tattoo pots so I’m not sure how much I’ll be using this. It gives a satin finish so it’s good for when you’re wanting to do a shimmer eye and it doesn’t crease! I had it on for hours and my shadow didn’t budge. It’s a doe foot applicator so I just tap it onto the lid and it lasts for hours.


Ultra Nudes 2018 gloss set

I flipping love a gloss! And especially 3 nude shades! Glosses I think just make your lips look so much healthier and plumper. I love all three of these shades however I feel like they could be quite ashy on darker skin tones. The formula is a little sticky but not uncomfortable, they’re also really pigmented so you don’t need to apply a lipstick underneath. Absolutely love.


Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

I normally prefer a powder highlight but these are so beautiful I’ve converted. They make me glow, shine, sparkle for hours! They sit really nicely on the skin and I just pat it onto the skin to blend it in. There are shades to suite all skin tones and whether you prefer a white, gold, pink or purple highlight there’s a shade that will suit you in this palette.


Ultra Strobe Cream

I use this as a base for a highlight as it’s quite a natural glow and isn’t as blinding as the balms. On days where I want a more natural finish I use this just to make my skin look healthy and glowy. It doesn’t fade through the day and anything that sits on top of it lasts even longer.


HD Pro Brows Palette

I’ve recently converted to using a pencil for my every-day brows as I prefer them to look more natural now, but I’m loving this palette. It includes everything you’d need to create a killer brow: brow gels and powder, concealer and brow bone highlighter. The colours are quite dark so if you’re fair haired they may not match but personally it was a great. When I’m wanting a more dramatic eye I’ll be reaching for this pallet.


Ultra Colour Explosion Palette

Flipping heck there’s some bold colours in this palette! I love to experiment with colour but I’ll admit I probably won’t be reaching for this pallet as much as the others. The pigment isn’t too bad and for most its really good but for the yellow it isn’t the greatest, I probably won’t be using this shade much though so I’m not mad. It includes mattes and shimmers so it can cater to any bold eye look.


Ultra Newtrals Palette

I love warm shades and I wear them every day so I’m super glad this palette was in the collection and I’d use all of these shades. They’re all matte shades in this palette and it’s already in my every-day collection because the shades and pigments are wonderful. It gives good pay-off and they don’t fade through the day. There’s a bunch of shades that can be used for bases and transition shades as well as deeper shades.


Ultra Metals Palette

This palette is basically the previous one but they’re all shimmer instead. I use shimmer shades less than mattes but I love the shades and the pigments are so good I’ll be using this palette when I want to be a little extra and sparkly.


Blush Dream Palette

They’re just killing the highlight game! This palette includes 4 blush shades and 4 BEAUTIFUL highlighters. The blushes are nicely pigmented and nice colours however I wish they were a little more diverse as they’re all quite similar. My god, the highlighters, they’re flipping blinding. The colours are gorgeous with pink, purple, gold and white tones. This product is one of my favourites from the entire collection.


Pro Go Brushes 2018.

I have so many brushes but barely any that are travel sized so I was so happy these were in the box! Their packaging is beautiful with ombre duo-fibre bristles. There’s a foundation brush, powder, angled and a shadow packer brush. They’re super soft and will definitely be coming on my travels with me.

This collection is such a good deal at only £30!!! For the amount of product you get and the quality it’s fantastic value whether it’s for yourself or as a gift. For more Revolution makeup go to

Have you got this collection? what do you think of it? Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Collection

  1. ALGC Tinkerbell says:

    I do love the look of the Dream Blush Palette and the Pro Go Brushes 2018.
    I think I may have to invest in this. Great post and I absolutely love your pictures!x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren Morton says:

      Thank you so much! I honestly think it’s such good value and I can’t get over the blush palette, SO GOOD! It’s almost worth it just for that x


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