A Double Wear Dupe?

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about Primark’s Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation being a dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. I absolutely swear by Double Wear so I had to give this a go and see for myself if it was true.


The biggest difference between these two foundations is the price. For 32ml of product, Primark’s foundation comes in at just £5, whereas Estee Lauder’s comes in at £33.50 for 30ml. Primark’s also offers more sun care protection with an SPF of 15 compared to Double Wear’s 10. So far so good for Primark but only if it’s as good a product.


Again, the products aren’t too dissimilar with how they look as both are in quite nice glass bottles. However, Double Wear’s packaging is a little more high-end (so it should be) with its gold accents and you get properly shade matched in store when you buy this foundation.


This is where Estee Lauder wins hands down. I went into two large city Primark stores and in the first there was only about three bottles left of this foundation and all in the shade porcelain (which I’m definitely not) and in the next there was only the shade Toffee which is about a shade too dark for me but I decided I could get away with it. You also can’t order these online anywhere so you have to be lucky to even try and find your shade in store. Double Wear however is available from multiple online sources as well as usually being well stocked in store. It boasts an impressive 50 shades so almost everyone can find their match and I have mine in 2W1 Dawn.

First impressions:

I won’t lie, I was extremely sceptical about Primark’s foundation and I really wanted it to be completely different to Double Wear because I swear by it. But it wasn’t. The formula is a little thicker but it applies and blends just the same as Double Wear. I applied Primark’s foundation to one side of my face and Double Wear the other to test how it differed. The coverage was great and once it was applied I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

The wear test:

I had the foundations on for about 13 hours and at the end of the day I could still barely tell the difference. The Primark side had gotten a little dryer but with some fixing spray that could be sorted. Around some areas it had begun to look a little cakey as it separated but apart from that, it was all still looking pretty good and you could only tell the difference if you looked really, really close. My Double Wear side was still flawless though.

Final Thoughts:

Would I still spend £33.50 on Double Wear? Yes. I don’t wear foundation everyday so when I do, I like it to be a bit more special and I still swear by this foundation. I also really enjoy the customer service you get when you purchase the foundation which is also included in the price. However, I will still be using Primark’s foundation for days when I need a little more coverage or just feel like it and at just £5 I can certainly afford to.

Can you tell the difference?


Have you tried either of these foundations? What did you think to them?



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