Slimming World: One Month Later

In the past month I’ve had at least one meal out every week, a boozy night out that ended in kebab and cheesy chips, and the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my life. Also in that month, I’ve managed to lose 13 pounds! This week I’ve weighed myself at home because it’s reading week and I’m away from Lincoln and can’t go to group, so hopefully this isn’t too in-accurate. I’ve gotten a slimmer of the week award and got my half stone award after just 2 weeks in.

I think what’s really made me stick to this diet is going to group and the fear of gaining. Me and Lisa made a pact that if there’s a week where either one of us have gained, we don’t stay for group the first time and we haven’t had to yet! We’ve both had fantastic losses this month with Lisa getting her stone award after just 3 weeks!


Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure how this diet works, but I can see how it’s already changing my eating habits. Crisps are my kryptonite and a month ago I would have happily eaten 3 kettle chips share bags in 10 minutes flat, but I haven’t even had one! If I know I’m either going out for food or a night out or something in the week, I’m really strict with myself the rest of the week so it doesn’t affect me too much. But I’m really not cutting that much out of my diet. Because Slimming World lets you have as much rice, pasta and potatoes as you want it makes the transition into the diet a lot easier.


Sometimes you do need a little bit of encouragement, especially at the weekends when all I want is a massive Chinese. I find having food that doesn’t taste like diet food normally puts me back on track. Last week I bought Slimming World’s Fakeaways Recipe Book and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. There are so many recipes to satisfy that Friday night take-away feeling. Just by changing a few ingredients they taste amazing and a lot of them are completely free foods with the average only being a few syns. I tried their double bacon burger recipe and the whole family absolutely loved them (even my dad and brother who are annoyingly like twigs). So many people have told me about their doner kebab recipe being even better than the real thing so I’m trying it out later this week and I’ll definitely put on update of that on.

I won’t lie, we’ve had our little wobbles through the month. We’ve been a little too ‘naughty’ on a few occasions but you can’t diet 100% of the time, life gets in the way and you should be able to enjoy a treat. Now we do see it as a treat or a little blip when we maybe have dominoes and an Indian in the same day, whereas before that would just be a Tuesday. So that’s progress. Let’s see what the next month is like…



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