Primark Cosmetics Part 2: Getting Lippy

When I did my little haul of Primark cosmetics about 50% of it was lip products so I thought they deserved their own post. If you’ve read part one of this post (if you haven’t, please do!) you’ll know that it’s definitely a hit or miss situation and you never really know what you’re going to get with Primark make-up. I tried their lip kits, matte lipsticks and lip crayons.


I got their Get Lippy Kit Gloss in Red (£3) and a Pinky Metallic one (£3) but these for some reason don’t have shade names which is a little irritating. Anyway, let’s start with the gloss. I love a good lip gloss because they (hopefully) don’t dry out your lips, they don’t stick to any dry patches and they make your lips look really enhanced. This gloss has really good colour and the formula isn’t too sticky so it’ s almost safe to go out in windy weather without half your hair sticking to your lips. It’s a bit more pink than what i was expecting and it is by no means transfer proof but what gloss is? They’re really affordable and with good payoff.


The metallic one has good colour with a nice golden sheen to it but this sticks to every dry patch of your lips and enhances it by a thousand. Paired with a nice gloss this will probably look beautiful but on its own you’ll be looking like you haven’t drank water in the past 10 years. It actually stays in place quite well as it dried down a lot but I can’t get over the dryness.


I normally prefer a lipstick because they tend not to dry out my lips too much so I tried Primark’s Insta Girl Satin Matte lipsticks in the shades ‘Like That’ and ‘Selfie’ (£2.50 each). If I was wanting a hydrating lipstick I came to the wrong place. I would actually go as far to say these are some of the worse lipsticks I’ve ever tried. I really wanted to like them but they are SO dry. They’re quite pigmented but because of how drying they are, when you try to top the colour up it wipes away what was underneath. It’s definitely not a formula for me. Their packaging is pretty basic and they don’t even have anything saying what shades they are so as soon as you get rid of their box, you’ll never know what shade you’re picking up.


I wanted to end on a high because of how bad the lipsticks were. I absolutely LOVE their Velvet Matte Lip Crayons (£2 each). I honestly can’t say how much I love these products and wear them daily. Unfortunately, there’s only a few shades and the majority are pinky tones but of course I bought every-one I could find. They’re super pigmented (especially for only £2) and they stay on quite well. They’re not transfer proof but I only have to top it up a couple of times throughout the whole day. These were absolutely my best discovery.

Some things I certainly won’t be purchasing again (their PHr range or lipsticks) but some I actually love and will be re-purchasing over and over again. I’m super glad I tried out Primark’s cosmetics because I’ve really learnt that for a good product, it doesn’t have to cost the same as a mortgage. I’m really surprised at how well some items have worked out and I can’t stress enough just to try some cheaper brands because god knows I’ll be trying more.



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