Primark Cosmetics Review

I’m all about saving some pennies and if I can find a product that does the same as something three times it’s price, you can bet your behind I’m going to find it. High-street brands have come such a long way in giving us good quality products at a fraction of the price, it’s no surprise Primark wants to get some of the action. I’ve never before even thought about using Primark cosmetics because I never thought they’d be up to much but I’ve been hearing mixed views and for the price how could I not give them a go? I headed to Meadowhall and did a *little* haul of goodies.


Primark’s Primer Water (£2) is clearly meant to be a dupe for Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer Water (£22) but it is literally 11x cheaper. It’s quite hydrating and gives the skin a slightly tacky feel so that products will stick to it. I’d say as an everyday primer, it’s perfectly fine and quite nice, especially for only £2. How wrong can you really go with a primer?


I’m not an everyday foundation wearer, I tend to wear BB creams for everyday and then wear foundation when I’m going out and need long-wearing makeup or when I’m needing more coverage than usual. But I couldn’t not try out Primark’s Perfect Colour Foundation which was only £2.50! For that price I wasn’t expecting much. The product claims to be a medium coverage with a semi-matte finish and I surprisingly wasn’t mad at this product. Okay so it isn’t the best foundation I’ve ever used, it isn’t going to be for £2.50, but for days when I just need a little bit more coverage it isn’t bad at all. Their Mattifying Perfect Colour Powder does a pretty good job too of making my oily face matte, but you’ll probably need to reapply a little through the day. For not even the price of a coffee, I’d say these products are actually pretty good.


Now then, Primark recently launched their PHr (perform, hydrate and recover) range and it’s aimed at gym goers. I think this is the silliest concept i’ve heard for a long time because who the hell wants a full face of make-up sinking into their pores while sweating away at the gym?! Also lets just take a second to talk about the stupid packaging. There are so many big conversations going on at the minute about single-use plastics and Primark have put these products in these little plastic tubes which has no use what so ever. Anyway… I pushed my scepticism to the side and tried their Hydrating Concealer, Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and the Sweat Resistant Translucent Powder. I got so frustrated with the eyeliner because the nib is so hard that when you try to make a straight line, it just takes off the product you’ve just put down. The ‘hydrating’ concealer is anything but. It’s really hard to blend out and when it does, it just blends out to nothing. I gave the translucent powder the ultimate test and wore it on a night out and I’m still not even sure if it did anything at all. I won’t be going near this range again.


Going back to the PS… range I tried the Insta Girl Banana Powder and I flipping live for this product now. It’s so good for baking and setting your make-up, it doesn’t look cakey and gives a really nice matte finish. This is actually in my everyday make-up now. You can’t go too wrong with a blusher and for £1.50 I gave theirs a go and it wasn’t bad at all. There’s a lot of kick-back when you dip into this product but it’s a nice colour and sits on the skin nicely. I’ve heard mad things about their Pure Glow Highlighter and I understand the hype. I got the shade Rose Prosecco because I don’t have many pink highlighters and for only £3 there’s major pay-off, I was shining like the sun.


I normally use a pomade for my brows but I find they take so much time I wanted to find a pencil to make it easier and quicker for eyeryday. I have naturally quite full brows so I fortunately don’t need something ultra-precise. I got the PS…Brow Pencil and I love it. It comes with a spoolie on the other end to brush the product through and the colours a really nice match. I live for a good mascara and I heard the Eyeconic Mascara gives length and volume. It didn’t disappoint and there’s very little fallout throughout the day. I couldn’t really find a eye pallet that wasn’t filled with shades ive already got so I chose the White Chocolate Trio instead. I didn’t know when I bought it but the shadows have such a strong smell of white chocolate I love it. The matte shades are alright, they’re nothing to rave about, quite average, I’d go get a better one from Makeup Revolution for like a pound extra. The silver is like a pressed glitter that’s just flaky af, give this a miss.

Overall, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. A couple of these products I actually now love and use on a daily basis, but the rest are in a draw collecting dust for the foreseeable future. I’d definitely recommend just going out and trying them because for the price you can’t go terribly wrong. And even if you do, it’s only a couple of pounds. I haven’t mentioned lip products because that deserves a whole dedicated post as I went a bit cray and picked up a lot… If you’ve tried any of these products or if there’s others I should try, let me know!



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