February Birchbox Review

After last month’s box I wasn’t feeling too confident about my birchbox subscription and if this month’s wasn’t very good, I was cancelling it. It came early this time, instead of at the end of the month, so that was nice. They were “celebrating beauty through the decades” and there were three box designs to choose from this month: 70’s, 80’s or 90’s inspired. I chose the 90’s one because I thought it was the prettiest and it’s the era I was alive for. Not going to lie, they upped their game and they gave me three full-sized products so I actually felt this months was really worth the money. Let’s just dig right into the review…


The Beauty Crop, Eyeshadow Trio in Love You So Latte (RRP £7)

I have so many brown eyeshadows I could fill a bath with them all so I didn’t really need another, but I wear them almost every day so I wasn’t mad. They have a nice creamy consistency with a good amount of pigmentation. The gold shimmer is lovely for the inner corners and the dark matte is buildable for a bit more drama.

Verdict: HIT


 ModelCo, Green Concealer (RRP £14)

Last month’s contour stick was quite nice so I was expecting to like this product too, and I did. It managed to dim down my skins redness, even when my eczema decided to rear its ugly head. Definitely pop a decent foundation over this so you don’t go out looking like Shreck.

Verdict: HIT


Percy & Reed, Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish (RRP £10)

This products packaging is quite cute to have in a collection and I need to boost my hair game so I was looking forward to trying this. My hair never manages to hold a curl because it’s heavy and thick (even with half of it chopped off) but by some grace of God this product made my curcls stay in place ALL DAY. I don’t know what magical stuff they’ve got in there but i’m not complaining. You only have to use a tiny pea-sized amount of product each time so even the sample size is going to last a while.



Luseta, Coconut Milk Hair Mask (RRP £32)

First of all, who on earth is paying £32 for a hair mask???? Definitely not me because this did bugger-all. It claims to be a “nourishing mask treatment for intensive repair and nourish infusion” but it literally just made my hair smell a little bit like coconut. You need so much of the product to cover thick hair the sample size barely lasted me two washes.

Verdict: MISS


Pixi, Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink (RRP £8)

I’ve heard a lot about Pixi products recently and was excited to try one. The balms nourishing enough but the colour it gives off I absolutely love. It’s a really nice pink without being garish and you know it isn’t going to dry out your lips even in the horrid winter weather.

Verdit: HIT

Overall, I’m really impressed with this month’s box (minus the useless hair mask). These products have already been integrated into my everyday routine and it’s given me a bit of hope for next month’s box, but let’s not be too hasty.



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