My First Birchbox / January Birchbox Review

As someone who loves beauty products but not the expensive price tags or storage issues, a monthly subscription that sends me 5 beauty samples (one full size) sounded perfect. Birchbox has been around for a little while now and I decided to give it a go. I’m fully aware I’m reviewing Januarys box in February but I ordered it late in the month, so hey ho. Also, I got a discount code for a ~mystery~ box (which turned out to just be Octobers box) so I got 10 samples to try out!

Paul & Joe Beauty, Moisturising foundation primer S in 01 Dagree (RRP£24)

At £24 for the full-size product I was expecting this sample to be good, and it was. The colour and scent are lovely and it gives a glowing finish.

Verdict: HIT

NUXE, Prodigieux shower oil (RRP£10.50)

This product was less of a hit, it leaves your skin with a really nice glow thanks to its golden shimmer, but my god the smell. It’s so strong it gave me a headache and I couldn’t wash it off.

Verdict: MISS

Balance Me, Pure skin face wash (RRP£16)

I love trying new face washes so I was looking forward to this. I massaged it into my skin with my face brush and two minutes after washing it off my skin felt as dry as the desert. I’ll be sticking with The Body Shop Vitamin E face wash.


Verdict: MISS

Grounded, Chocolate Orange Body Scrub (RRP£15)

I was excited and a little nervous to try out this product. Ive never used a coffee scrub before and was almost sure it was going to agitate my eczema. I’m so glad Birchbox include a little booklet with descriptions and directions for each product because I wouldn’t have had a clue without it considering the Body Scrubs packaging includes no directions what so ever. I was very pleasantly surprised though as it left my skin feeling really nice and smooth and didn’t cause a painful skin reaction (always a plus). However I can tell I’m going to spend the next few days smelling like a terry chocolate orange but there are worse things to smell like I guess. The sample size is good, you can probably get 3 or 4 uses out of it too, but at £15 for the full sized product, I won’t be purchasing.

Verdict: HIT-ish

Anatomicals, Grab Your Melons Shower Gel (RRP£1.50)

How much can you really say about a body wash? It was alright, it did the job. The collaboration with CoppaFeel is nice and the box came with a little sticker reminding you to give yourself a little boob examination while in the shower and a sticker of how to do it. This 50ml bottle is supposedly the full size though and at £1.50 I don’t think it’s worth it for a little shower gel.

Verdict: MISS

Beaver, Professional Daily Conditioning Spray (RRP£11.50)

This is just a nice general leave in conditioner, it’s not revolutionary. It’s a nice little sample size and it’ll be great for taking on holiday.

Verdict: HIT-ish

ModelCo, contour stick (RRP£8)

I love a good contour stick and this didn’t disappoint. It’s a really nice creamy formula, glides onto the skin well and the sample size is really generous. The colour matched really well too and I’d actually think about buying the full-sized product.


Verdict: HIT

Afterspa, Amazing Makeup Remover (RRP£5.50)

Okay a cloth claiming it can take off all my make-up with just water, I was excited. and then I felt the cloth and was scared, it’s like a fur so when I got it wet it was not pleasant. And then rubbing it on your face felt like rubbing a wet dog on yourself. Who on earth wants that?! I then read that you have to machine wash it after every use and for someone like me that wears make-up almost every day this is a pointless product. Hand me my Micellar Water and a cotton pad.


Lord & Berry, Concealer stick in Beige (RRP£12)

Quite a nice concealer pencil, a creamy formula so you don’t have to drag it across your skin and a nice colour match. I’ll probably use it for more natural looking days because it isn’t completely full coverage and i prefer a cream to a pencil. Still wouldn’t choose it over my Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer though.

Verdict: HIT-ish

Eyeko, Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (RRP£16)

I swatched this and I was a happy girl. Its ultra-black, dries almost instantly and is so easy to apply. I wear eyeliner almost every day and prefer a pen tip so I can definitely see myself buying this product at full size.

Verdict: HIT

I’m a little disappointed at how much I wasn’t into some of these products and if I hadn’t have gotten the extra box I think I’d already be cancelling my subscription. But there were a few products I was really happy with and they deserve a second chance (and because I’m secretly really excited to see what’s in my next box) so let’s see what I get in February.



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