My First Week Of Slimming World

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit too hefty and after trying so many fad diets I decided to join Slimming World with my friend Lisa. The first meeting I went to on Monday night was so pleasant I began to think I could actually do this diet. What I wasn’t expecting was for how much food to be around, until I saw that it was all empty for examples of “free foods”, major disappointment. In the group they all go round saying how much they’ve lost this past week (or gained) and the one who looses the most (without gaining last week) gets “Slimmer of the week”, where they get a bundle of free foods that everyone else has bought in. I thought this was such a nice piece of encouragement and motivation (who doesn’t want free food, even if it is a broccoli?).

Day One:

I got up feeling prepared and ready to start this damn diet or ~lifestyle change~. I went and got my regular morning coffee (actually using skimmed milk for once in my life) and a berry smoothie, got my carrot and cucumber sticks prepped to take to uni, feeling like a new woman. I get to uni and Lisa  has been trying to get me to go on a damn bike ride for about 2 years. She wore me down and used next week’s weigh in as emotional blackmail. We decided on only a short one for fear of my legs falling off as I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 10. Now let’s bare in mind here Lisa is over 6-foot tall, and I’m 5ft2, so is it really much of a surprise that it took us almost an hour to find a bike of hers that was short enough for me to use? With one disastrous attempt to get on a bike much taller than me ending in me falling into Lisa’s neighbours garden bush. I should have known it would only go down-hill from there (unfortunately the roads weren’t). I have a new-found appreciation for cyclists though because Jesus Christ I was in pain 5 minutes in. I used to think I wasn’t the most un-fit person in the world, but it turns out I’m pretty close. For about a quarter of the whole thing (probably closer to half) I walked with the bike instead of actually riding it because my thighs couldn’t take it, nor could my behind. I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncomfortable in my life. When we got back it was like seeing a mirage, finally the torture was over. I almost got a graceful finish but by body decided it’d had enough of being anywhere near a bike and I just fell onto Lisa’s drive, with no grace what so ever. I hated bikes, I still bloody hate bikes. I got back and made a “healthy” fry up to console my aching body. I made baked beans, bacon, mushrooms, fried eggs, toast and sausages, all for 6 syns which were entirely from the piece of bread. However Slimming World’s sausages were a major disappointment, they took so long to cook, never browned and were really hard to eat. They might be syn free, but next time I’ll just use ordinary and take the syns.

I’m feeling pretty positive about the diet but there isn’t a chance in hell I’m getting on a bike again anytime soon. I’ll take being chubby over that.

Day Two:

I was still feeling pretty good about life Tuesday, even with a sore behind and thighs. Got my smoothie and carrot sticks, made it through uni without wanting to cry, a successful morning. My mum came up to Lincoln for lunch and that’s where the problem usually is. When I’ve been on a diet before and gone out for a meal I’ve always thought “well this can be a cheat meal” and then that turns into a cheat day, which turns into a cheat week then month. However, I actually found it dead easy because Slimming World isn’t so restrictive, I just swapped the chips for salad on a mixed grill and I was sorted. There was syns but only 3 for the onion rings, 4 for the sausage and about 1 for the salad dressing. 8 syns for the whole day is a success to me.


Day three:

Thursdays are always hump days for me. If I can stick to a diet past Thursday, I can do it for the week. I was feeling low, especially after uni seeming to go on for hours and I needed a carb fix. Then I realised I can actually have pasta with no guilt, what a miracle! So I went home and made a massive bowl of pasta and went into a carb-coma. My craving for crisps went and I made it through Thursday!

Day four:

Still feeling pretty good, I spent the whole day in the library working on my dissertation as a distraction from food. I had soup and bread, glorious bread, as my healthy extra b. Later I made Slimming World cannelloni for the family with salad and it honestly didn’t even taste like diet food. My dad and brother didn’t even moan at it being diet food (I don’t think they realised).

Day five:

I woke up Saturday a little under the weather. Normally when I’m not feeling well I eat everything under the sun to feel sorry for myself but instead I made a bloody omelette…it was actually quite nice and made me feel better. Later I made an absolute feast of peppered steak, mushrooms, leeks, egg and homemade chips with only 1 syn for a little bit of extra light mayonnaise. It made me feel so good (and full) I started to love Slimming World.


Day six:

The end of the week was in sight and the fear of a weight gain had kicked in, but not enough not to have a Sunday brunch fry-up. With Slimming world though I had it all with only 3 and a half syns for a proper sausage. Then my mum made a beautiful ham joint and veggies and it was all still free! Well apart from the little bit of butter for the mash but that’s not too bad….

Day seven:

Weigh-in day had arrived. I was more nervous waiting to be weighted than I was to get any uni results. I managed to lose 4 pounds! And Lisa lost an amazing 7! That’s half a stone in a week! Even though we’d syned and eaten things that were a little naughty, we’d both still managed a good loss. I’m definitely going to try to carry this on, but I’m still never getting on another bike again.



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