The Best Beauty Brand of The Moment

I’ve loved Makeup Revolution for a few years because basically their products are great and they’re ridiculously good value, with their average eye-shadow pallet costing between £4-£8. But recently they’ve brought out a concealer which has taken the beauty world by storm. Their new Conceal and Define Concealer has even been branded as the new Tarte Shape-Tape dupe and it’s only FOUR POUNDS. I haven’t been able to try Shape Tape because, living in the UK, its ridiculously expensive to get hold of without paying extortionate customs charges as well its £22 price tag. Makeup Revolution came straight out with 18 shades (with more to come) whereas Tape-Shape only has 14, and let’s not get into the scandal of their recent foundation shades (or lack of) flop.

IMG_4357 edit.jpg

At first, I wasn’t expecting much of this concealer, I bought it before I saw all of the hype, but when I tried it I had to get it in other shades as soon as i could. I have shades C8, C11 and C13 to cover all the bases. I use it as highlighter for under my eyes, to cover blemishes and as a crème contour. This concealer has me GLOWING. I can get bad dark circles under my eyes and have tried so many concealers that do absolutely nothing, but damn this stuff works. Its possibly the most full-coverage concealer I have that blends as beautifully while not being drying at all on my skin. If you haven’t got this product yet, I highly recommend you do.

IMG_4369 edit.jpg

Another of Makeup Revolution’s products I am absolutely loving at the moment is their Flawless 4 pallet. First of the packaging is so pretty with a rose gold metallic lid, this houses a large mirror inside too which is super useful. You get a mix of THIRTY-TWO mattes and shimmers. 32 shades, for £8 (I got it when it was on offer for just £5).

IMG_4419 edit.jpg

They’re really smooth and pigmented, easy to work with and blend. There’s a nice mix of transition colours that’s great for every day and pops of colour if you’re feeling a little ~extra~. It’s an all-round good pallet and is definitely already one of my every-day uses. If you’re put off by the price, thinking it’s too good to be true to get a good pallet for £8, it is true. Don’t break the bank, go haul up on Makeup Revolution.



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