My Top 10 Netflix Picks for Procrastination

I’m in the middle of writing a dissertation so of course I’ve watched more Netflix than ever recently. These are my top Netflix picks for procrastination and relaxation (forgetting how much work you have to do). Get settled down, grab a cup of tea and some cake and binge watch some Netflix.

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race

This show has everything I could ever wish for: Drag queens, drama and hilarious challenges. It’s really no surprise this show has won an Emmy and it’s lip-sync battles are legendary. The show has around 13 drag queens per season competition for different fantastic prizes. With series 2-9 on Netflix there’s plenty to get through to last you until your deadlines.

2. How To Get Away With Murder

Who knew being a law student was this dramatic and interesting? The drama in this show is too real. The constant switch between present and future keeps you guessing all through the series and the plot twists are fantastic. It’s greatly written with a strong female lead (Viola Davis). The third series has just been realised on Netflix and if you haven’t caught up yet, settle in for some more plot-twists.

3. Black Mirror

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror by now, get yourself from under that rock and put on Netflix. The series is combined of stand-alone dramas exploring techno-paranoia. You’ll probably never trust technology again but once you watch one, you have to watch them all making it a great series to binge watch while you’re meant to be doing something else. Personally, I felt the latest series was a bit of a let-down compared to the first and second but ‘Black Museum’ is one of the best episodes and a must watch.

4. Jane the Virgin

If you like rom-coms but want a bit more drama like someone getting accidentally artificially inseminated and then multiple deaths/murders/plot twists/love stories, Jane the Virgin will be right up your street. The show in an American telenovela and has all the drama that comes with the title. All 4 seasons of the show are on Netflix however I’m someone who loves to watch an entire season in one sitting so I’m waiting for them to release the last episode before I indulge.

5. Gossip girl

OH MY GOODNESS. I love this show so much I’ve watched the entire thing twice and okay so in the first couple of seasons the fashion is so bad it’ll make you rethink your decision to watch it but stick in there. It was first aired in 2007, we all made bad fashion decisions. This show follows a bunch of Upper East-Side kids through the ups and downs of high-school and then collage life. It has cheating, royalty, friendship, marriages, break-ups and a whole load of scandal. You’ll be wanting to get the tissues ready for the water works because it’s an emotional roller-coaster. However, with great sadness, the show is being taken off Netflix on the 15th of February so get binge watching while you still can.


6. Sherlock

A now classic British series taking on a modern twist to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Original books, Sherlock is a must watch. At each episode averaging one and a half hours, that’s plenty of time to forget about the stresses of life. Even though it does still baffle me why the whole boxset isn’t available to watch in the UK, series 1-3 are enough to go on.

7. Orange Is The New Black

There are probably very few people left who haven’t seen Orange is the New Black I know but it’s too good not to mention. I was actually pretty late watching this so got to binge watch the first 3 seasons and it was glorious. The show address so many topical issues with fantastic writing and actors, of course it’s one of Netflix most popular shows with the seasons just getting better and better. If you’re one of the few who haven’t yet watched it, I highly recommend you get settled in and give it a binge.

8. Blackfish

This documentary to me was revolutionary. I still reference this film because it really opened my eyes and uncovered the abuse were doing to these poor animals. The documentary focusses on Killer whales and Sea World with the star of the show being Tilikum who sadly passed away in early 2017. The show involves ex Sea World employees talking about their experiences and doesn’t hold back on the hard truths. An absolute must watch. JUSTICE FOR TILIKUM.

9. Rotten

I really love a documentary and especially a series of them. Rotten is Netflix’s latest docuseries presenting food related crime cases. I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I first started the series but it soon had me hooked. There are some cases you might be familiar with that the series explores like for example, if you’re from the UK you may have heard about Paul Wilson who sadly died after eating an Indian take-away which contained peanuts. The show is really interesting as it presents cases from all over the world that you might be unaware of. There’s only 6 episodes but at about an hour each, it can easily be done in a day if you really put your mind to it.

10. The Good Wife

This courtroom drama follows Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) as she battles between her career, her kids and her love life and it’s another emotional roller-coaster. This is unfortunately another popular show Netflix have decided to take off the site and the show will be unavailable from the 1st of February. There’s a whole 7 seasons so if you can manage a series a day you might just do it.

There are so many more binge-worthly shows on Netflix that I love but I couldn’t include without this post taking you 5 years to read. These are just my top picks that I continuously watch if I need to forget about that essay that’s due in a week or the load of washing that won’t do itself.



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