Skincare For Irritable and Changeable Skin


My skin is extremely sensitive as I suffer with eczema quite severely so when I find a skincare product that does its job and doesn’t irritate my skin I hold onto it for dear life. As well as eczema I have combination skin that like to change on a day-to-day basis. One day my T-Zone could be shining like the sun and the next it could be as dry as the desert, making finding skin care products just that little bit harder to pin down. But I reckon I’ve managed to source out some of the best products for annoying skin:

My number one is Garnier’s Micellar Water. You will not believe how many cleansers I’ve had to throw away after one use because they’ve practically burnt my skin but this cleanser is so nice! It’s so gentle and It does what it says on the bottle; removes make-up, cleanses and soothes. What’s even better is it’s inexpensive at £5 for a 400ml bottle, for a student like me that’s fantastic.

My next favourite skin care isn’t just a single product but a range from The body Shop. Their Vitamin E skin care range is A M A Z I N G. My personal favourites are the Gentle Face Wash, Eyes Cube and their Overnight Serum-in-Oil. The facewash gets rid of all the grime still left on my face from the day, the serum perfectly hydrates my skin without it being oily in the morning and the Eyes Cube preforms a miracle every morning and stops me from looking like I haven’t slept in a thousand years.

To use the face wash, I’ve found an amazing face cleanser brush from Primark. I find the electric cleansers a bit too rigorous and too hard. With this simple brush it’s got lovely soft bristles one side to foam up the product and then a little rubber massaging side. It’s lovely, I use it every day and its only £3.

It wouldn’t be a skin care routine without Nivea and I use their Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover. I love mascara and eyeliner and wear it almost every day so I need a cleanser that isn’t going to rip off my eyelashes and this stuff is so gentle and preforms so well, 10/10.

I’ve recently become really conscious about the sun and my skin after I learnt sun exposure is the leading cause of skin damage. To tackle this, I apply just a few dots of Nivea’s SPF30 Kids Lotion on my face every day. Always make sure your sun cream and face cream has at least an SPF15 and 4* UVA rating, no one wants skin damage at 21, or the wrinkles.

A more high-end skin care brand that I love is Temple Spa. My favoutoure products from them is their Be Still Settling Moisturiser and Be Gone Kind-hearted Cleansing Crème. They’re designed to be gentle on irritable skin while getting the job done and they do very well. But at £36 for 50ml of product, it gets used sparingly.

I’m always on the look-out for new skin care product so all recommendations are welcome.



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